Halloween Knock Knock Jokes

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Halloween knock knock jokes are a hit with kids of all ages.  Print these out to put in their lunch boxes for a fun surprise all October long.  Or you can make extra copies to hand out with candy or treats on Halloween night.

halloween knock knock jokes

Halloween Jokes

If you’ve been around a while, you know I have a large collection of printable jokes for kids on my website.  My goal is to continuously add more jokes to my site, to give fresh ideas to my intentional parent friends out there. Sharing jokes are a great way to connect with teens, it’s not pestering them with questions, or telling them to do something, just being light hearted. We could all use some light heartedness in our lives, right?  These fun Halloween knock knock jokes are the perfect addition to the two previous sets of Halloween jokes already on my site.

Download Halloween knock knock jokes here: Halloween jokes

Jokes for Kids

I started creating printable jokes for all of the major holidays, and now have sets that your kids can enjoy all year long. I haven’t counted yet, but surely I’ve got one for nearly every day of the year! At least for the school year.

I love to slip into kids lunches, but you can also hide them around the house for them to discover. I’ve found my teen kids also love to read the jokes to their friends at lunch, so just because it may seem like it is a “little kid” thing, the big kids like it, too! Just a small way to say you are thinking about them when they are away.

Check out all of my jokes for kids!

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