Hand Lettering Tutorial and Printable for Mother’s Day

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This Hand Lettering Tutorial and Printable for Mother’s Day is the perfect quick and easy gift idea for your mom, grandma, or wife! You can learn to write it yourself with these tips, or simply print it out!

Hand Lettering Tutorial and Printable for Mother's DayA Hand Lettering Tutorial and Printable for Mother’s Day is so easy, you hardly have to do anything. It’s like a personalized card, but mom can hang it up and enjoy it all year, knowing you think she is “WOW!” You can place it in a frame, or make mod podge art on wood.

Hand lettering has been growing in popularity and is such a fun way to express your creativity. Although it’s great to have a basic understanding of typography and nice to already have beautiful handwriting, hand lettering is not so much writing and type as it is drawing shapes and illustrations through letters. It actually embraces imperfections! No need to fret about measurements. If it looks right and feels right, then it is right! This Mother’s Day, why not try your hand at lettering?

Hi friends! It’s Malia from Malia Creative here to share a simple and fun hand lettering tutorial and printable for Mother’s Day, with the quote, “MOM is WOW upside down.”

There are a lot of resources to get your creative juices flowing. I love taking classes from Skillshare or Atly but a simple Pinterest search will give you loads of inspiration to get you started.

A great place to begin is a basic three letter word, like “MOM” filled with pretty flowers.
Printable for Mother's Day

Do you want to learn how to create this Hand Lettering Tutorial and Printable for Mother’s Day?  Follow the steps below!
First, sketch the outline of your letters in pencil. Easy. Don’t worry about getting all of the lines perfect. I used a ruler to help guide me, but it is by no means perfect. I like the hand drawn look which gives you some room for imperfection.
Mom is Wow Upside Down_maliacreative (3)
Next, draw about 10 different types of flowers and 8 different leaves on a separate piece of paper to use as a reference.
Mom is Wow Upside Down_maliacreative (4)
Find a good chick flick, Pandora station, or audio book. My son is reading the Michael Vey series right now and I’m following along with the audiobook. It’s so fun to be able to talk with him about it!

Next, fill the inside of the letters with the flowers and leaves you just sketched. Try to get as close to the edges as you can without touching the sketched outline. Vary the sizes of the flowers and adjust the shapes to fit the letter forms. Although it takes a bit more time, I sketched the flowers and leaves in PENCIL first and then went over it with a fine tip pen after I was satisfied with the spacing. This also allows you to erase and fix any mistakes that don’t quite look right. You can totally do this.
Mom is Wow Upside Down_maliacreative (5)
Erase the outside lines (or not), then color (or not)! I think it looks equally stunning in black and white or color. The spring flowers and all of their pretty colors outside are definitely influencing me. This time I went with pinks, oranges and bright greens.
Mom is Wow Upside Down_maliacreative (6)
Then add a fun phrase. Mom is Wow Upside Down. Truth.
Hand Lettering Tutorial and Printable for Mother's Day
I hope you enjoyed this Hand Lettering Tutorial and Printable for Mother’s Day, but if you would rather, feel free to grab the black and white “MOM is WOW upside down” printable HERE. I’m going to have my kids color it in, write a special note on the back, and then pop it into the mail for their grandmothers for Mother’s Day.

Also available is the color version HERE. I like printing on a heavy card stock.

Use this method in other ways! How great would it look as a monogram on a child’s bedroom wall? Or using it to highlight the first letter or a word in a party invitation? There are endless ways to use this method and might just propel you into the fun world of hand lettering. Happy lettering friends!

Check out other projects like the ones shown below on my Instagram feed @maliacreative
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! This is awesome! How do you turn it into a printable once you finish?

  2. Thank you for the tutorial! Loved it. I’ll have to give it a go

  3. What a gorgeous printable! I don’t know one mom who wouldn’t be thrilled with this!

  4. Shawnna says:

    Oh such a great idea!! Love it!!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!