Happy 4th of July!

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god bless america

{Print this cute sign at Yellow Bliss Road, I did last night!}

We don’t have anything major going on at our house today. No family in town, no BBQ’ing with friends, just my own little family of 6. At first I was bummed about that, but then I got on my Pinterest July 4th page and decided I just need to make the best of it.  I then got excited about the mellow day ahead. There are activities all about town, a parade or two that we could attend, but the crowds (and the heat) don’t entice my hubby or I. So we thought we’d give our own little history lesson to the kids on why we celebrate this day (and dad gets off work), and why we are blessed to live in a country that lets us choose the important things. Oh, and work on a project I’ve been wanting to do for THREE years–eeks, I’m so excited!

Here is what I found on my Pinterest page that got me excited for the day. I ran to the store yesterday and picked up some Patriotic M&M’s (if you can’t find them, just pick out the blue and red and use white choco chips) and Pillsbury cookie dough to make cookie ice cream sandwiches like Our Best Bites shared.  SO simple for the last minuters like me!

Ice Cream Sammies

I got some root beer bottles so I could slap on some cute patriotic labels I found at The Idea Room.

fourth-of-july-bottle-labels 3

Because I can’t resist a good blondie, I made this patriotic yumminess from Your Homebased Mom

M & M Blondies

I also grabbed some oreo’s and sprinkles to make these cute Oreo Pops from Makoodle. The sprinkles just make me smile!

I think we’ll play one of our favorite games: Scrambled States of America.


I’m excited to play this “Don’t Eat Uncle Sam” game with the kids that I just printed that I found at My Sisters Suitcase.

Also printed this fun United States map from my friend Mique at Thirty Handmade Days. I study the map and states with my kids around meals, so I’m curious to know what they know on a blank slate!

4th of July Kids Printables www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

I pulled out a few Hobby Lobby Americana items I got a few years ago and slapped them on my mantel just last night, too. I didn’t get crafty.

Here is a cute mantel from my friends at Eighteen25

I also liked the festive mantel at Landee See, Landee Do and I heart Nap Time.

I’m thinking I may need to run out and grab stuff to make this firecracker slingshot from Lolly Jane, my kids would LOVE it!

foam firecracker slingshot tutorial #4thofJuly

If you haven’t got anything festive planned, and want to–run out now and grab a few items. You can whip up some of the above in under an hour–seriously, I did it last night–the stores are open this morning!

I’m excited to eat some yummy food, maybe swim at our neighborhood pool, and hang with my family for the day. I’ll share some pics on my Instagram feed if you want to see a play by play;)

Here is one thing I don’t love about the 4th of July. It kinda steals the thunder from my birthday every year! Just three days later, people are often out of town–they take advantage of the only free day of the summer that people get off of work! But it’s ok, I’ve made my peace and remind myself that it’s not about me, the 4th just can’t help it.

P.S. Watch for something fun on my birthday, you don’t want to miss it;)

P.S.S. Let freedom ring, my friends.

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