Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

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This Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing recipe is part of a salad swap I’ve done with friends recently, and I wanted to share how we put it together. The idea is to eat healthy lunches throughout the week. It was new to me, but when my friend asked if I wanted to join her, I said, “Heck YES!!!” I’m sharing all the details on how we work our salad swap.

How to Plan a Salad Swap

Salads are enjoyed all year round. The winter holidays are no exception, I love a hearty green salad before the big meal with family on Thanksgiving!  The recipe for this amazing honey mustard dressing is made to add onto any basic salad. I’ve partnered with Randalls to share a delicious Thanksgiving recipe incorporating their O Organics® line of products, Which includes a large variety of Organic products for affordable prices. I actually had a chance to go to the Randalls headquarters a few weeks ago in California, and got a chance to really understand how the Randalls’ brand and their passion for producing high quality products.  Albertsons and Randalls believe that great-tasting organic food should be available to everyone at a great value, offering USDA certified organic chicken and other meats along with thousands of other products in the O Organic line. Below are the ingredients I used for my salad.

Simple salad ingredients:

  • O Organics® Chicken breasts
  • O Organics® Salads
  • O Organics® Baby Peeled Carrots
  • O Organics® Eggs (hard boiled)
  • O Organics® Grape tomatoes
  • Cucumbers

How to make honey mustard dressing:

  • 3 T.O Organics® Olive Oil
  • 1/2 cupO Organics® Honey
  • 3 T.O Organics® yellow Mustard
  • 2 T.O Organics® dijon mustard
  • 1 t.O Organics® garlic

For the Honey Mustard Dressing, mix all ingredients into a container and give it a good SHAKE until mixed well.

Below, I didn’t lay out all of my ingredients when I made my salad (I found these images on their website), but I wanted to show how VAST the line of O Organics® products there are…from fresh to freezer to shelved items, it’s incredible what they’ve done in the organic industry.

O Organics salad ingredients at Randalls

Salads are easy, just a lot of chopping (which can be time consuming each day)! Hence, the salad swap! There are 4 of us in the swap, we each make enough for 4, and exchange on Tuesday mornings, so we have a delicious salad lunch Tues-Fri.

Tips for a salad swap with friends:

  1. Gather 4 friends
  2. Pick a day to exchange
  3. Set ground rules like: must have protein
  4. Decide on dressings (keep your own or make each week)
  5. Get 12 of the same containers and just switch each week (doesn’t matter who has what)

We found these cute little 1 oz. plastic cups with lids that we can put our dressing in each week, you’ll see my honey mustard dressing ready to go!

homemade honey mustard dressing

The containers are the perfect size for our salad swap, here are 4 salads (one for me, 3 to swap) for the week!

salad swap containers

Though O Organics products are available exclusively in my area at Randalls, you can find these products available at any of the Albertsons Companies family of stores spread across the United States! Are you familiar with any of these names?

Randalls Alberstons Acme Jewel Osco Vons

At the event in California, I was not only able to meet the team behind this brand, but also other food influencers throughout the US like me, that were learning about the brand. New friends, and friends I’ve known for several years that I’ve met on this blogging journey. I like to call them my co-workers! I chat with them quite a bit each month about this and that.

O Organics for Randalls Albertsons

Friends in the top picture are friends I’d played with before and got to reconnect at the event: Steph from // Mique from // Leigh Anne from // ME // Sarah from

Bottom picture are two new friends: Stephanie from then Erica from and I enjoyed meeting them and hearing their business stories. Last, we’ve got Trish from She and I had met before but only briefly so it was great to be able to really chat with her.

It was really cool to see HOW MANY O Organics products there are, they were all around the facility. We got to get in the kitchen and make some dishes, and used all the products.

O Organics product line

Erica and I were paired up in the kitchen, and we made a side dish of loaded mashed potatoes. I LOVED the GIANT potato masher we got to work with! We also had demonstrations by professional chefs and talked all about meat prep and other inside scoop in the kitchen.Randalls Albertsons test kitchen

After the meat chat, we went to another kitchen and made treats. Our group made unicorn bark, I had fun swirling colors!

Unicorn Bark

We also did floral arranging! Did you know the Albertsons Companies family of stores have a floral and design brand, debi lilly design™? We got a demonstration from Debi herself and got to make our own floral arrangements.

Debi Lilly design products at Randalls

Mique and I showing off our floral arrangements we made!

floral arranging

What we didn’t realize is that all of the different stations we went to throughout the day, to make different dishes and desserts and arrangements was leading up to the grand finale, which was a fun surprise of a fancy dinner for us!

thanksgiving tablescape

I love when my name is on an official place card!

Seasons Eatings

hot chocolate station bar cart

To top off the whirlwind day, we got to go “shopping” in a mini store, to take home some of our favorite specialty products. Not only does Randalls carry their own products like Open Nature and O Organics, they also carry a wide range of specialty products perfect for the holidays. It felt like supermarket sweep…like a kid in a candy store!

Supermarket Sweep


I got a few images taken from the event photographer I wanted to share. I love the two moments of me captured below…a horrified face at a story, and not being afraid to be first in the food line…haha!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Companies. The opinions and text are all mine.

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