Houston LDS Temple Wedding Pictures

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Houston LDS Temple Wedding Pictures are here for some eye candy for you. It was a gorgeous day, and this couple and their wedding party were a delight to photograph.

Houston LDS Temple Wedding PicturesHouston LDS Temple Wedding Pictures took place just down the road from my teenage home.  I got to put on my “wedding photographer” hat and photograph the wedding pictures at the Houston LDS Temple for my dear friend Bailey. I don’t normally take wedding pictures, I used to, and I love it, but I didn’t like scheduling my life around such a mandatory event. Now, I do this only occasionally as a gift for a small handful of people that I would otherwise plan to be there anyway. Bailey and I met about 6 years ago when she was a Junior in high school, and we just connected right away. I was a youth leader at church, and though she was in the class just older than I taught, we became friends. I’ve enjoyed catching up with her as she’s come home from college at BYU at breaks, and just last Christmas, we went to lunch, and she told me about this boy, JT. When she got engaged, I was delighted that she asked me to photograph the big day. Taking pictures outside of a Temple is my favorite. {To see the lenses I used and a few wedding photo tips, scroll to the bottom}

I’ve also got a photography tip challenge question close to the bottom, see if you can guess it!

For those that aren’t familiar with the Mormon Temples, we don’t photograph inside of the temples, so the outside pictures, to me, are the most special of an entire wedding event. Inside is a sacred ordinance performed, and it’s actually a small group that comes inside, with the big celebration being at a reception after. I gathered a few links for those that might have questions. If you still have something to ask, leave it in the comments!

It was a gorgeous and slightly warm day in May, and I’ll just leave the rest with the pictures for these Houston LDS Temple Wedding Pictures.

married couple outside Houston temple

The bridal party was BIG and so much fun!

Huge bridal party

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

I got some push back from the men on some of these shots, but I think we got some fun stuff. Gotta document their closest compadres in a unique way, in my opinion. It’s not all about just smile and pose.

Bridal party jumping at Houston Temple

Of course, there is need for that, too, I mean, check out these gorgeous bridesmaids and their smiles!

Gorgeous bridesmaids at the Houston Temple

I fell in love with their off white/white lace dresses.

Bridesmaids and floral bouquets


Bridesmaids laughing

I shared the above image on Instagram, and that I told the story about how I told the girls to “just LAUGH!” and they do so awkwardly, then it truly turns funny…I love laughing candid faces.

I jumped in for a pic of myself with the bride

Photographer and the bride

Then we took some more playful pictures…

bridesmaids lifting groom

Bridesmaids holding groom in wedding pictures

And of course the Groomsmen had some fun

Groomsmen and bride

There was some hesitation on behalf of the bride, but I love this shot

Bride lifted by Groomsmen at Houston LDS Temple Wedding. Click to see lots more!

Serious Groomsman picture at Houston LDS Temple Wedding. Click to see lots more!

Then we took a BIG group shot and some family shots–This was everyone in attendance that day.

Everyone at Houston LDS temple wedding

Nieces and Nephews

Bride Groom and Flower girls and boys at Houston LDS Temple Wedding. Click to see lots more!

Bride (on the right) and her sister had matching shoes

Unique shoes worn by bride

Bride and her bestie (also my friend, and she assisted me in the couple shots below)

best friends at wedding


The Brides new sisters

Bride and her new sisters at Houston LDS Temple Wedding. Click to see lots more!

I love this candid shot of Bailey’s adorable high school friends below. I got to talk to most of these girls in depth over the weekend, and I want them to my MY friends, too! I adored them so.

Candid friends at Houston wedding


For most of the above shots, I used my 35mm fixed lens. It’s nice and wide, and easily able to capture group shots without me having to step too far away. After all of the group shots were said and done, I snagged the bride and groom to do some couple shots. THIS is what I was there for. It is THESE images that I see as necessary and priceless, and most important around the temple. I wanted to capture the beauty and majesty of the temple as much as possible, but it was extremely bright outside and quite warm by 3pm in Houston. We got lucky with the sun sitting behind the spire, so there was a decent amount of gorgeous light just outside of the main door. The only shots above that are shot in full sun are the big group shot and the nieces/nephew shot. They are in full sun/no shade, but the sun is behind the subjects, which made it perfect to not get spotty light on their faces.

Everything else was in the lovely light (you can see on the kiddie picture above, those standing behind the couple are in the shade of the temple by the front door) and that’s where I shot a bunch of the above images. When I was shooting JUST the couple, I pulled out my newly purchased 85mm 1.2L lens. I had been eyeing this lens for over 2 years, and I just couldn’t pull the trigger. It’s a pricey one, but my 85mm 1.8 lens has been my favorite for years, and I wanted to upgrade. It wasn’t until a few months ago that my trusty 85mm actually had a malfunction, that pushed me to get the 1.2. I’m still trying to decide if it’s worth the price tag, especially since I’m not even shooting portraits as much as before, but I have 30 days, so we shall see. I really did love the results from it. Most might not tell, but there are some nice, crisp images. People may ask the big difference between the 1.2 and the 1.8, well…it’s the GLASS! Much crisper and sharper. I actually realized the last two shots above are with the new lens. I can just see more definition and dimension.

Now do you see why good photographers charge a bit for pictures?? If you want to shop my gear, check out the amazon info below.

I also got several compliments on my camera strap and my name customized on the leather. Read all about my cameras strap here.

Now, onto the couple shots… for the Houston LDS Temple Wedding Pictures

Bride and Groom at Houston Texas LDS Temple

Bride and Groom on wedding day


Houston Texas Wedding

Mormon Temple Wedding

Here’s one black and white for ya…I do love the classic romantic look of a B&W, but I’m such a color lover, it’s hard for me to do!Black and white picture of bride and groom

Wedding couple gazing into each others eyes

Bride wearing comfortable sandals on wedding day


Ok, fine, one more black and white

black and white wedding photo at Mormon LDS temple

Bride and Groom Kissing on Wedding Day

Photography challenge question:  Can you tell how this shot below is SLIGHTLY different from the first shot at the beginning of the post? Look closely…{Hint: It’s a picture taking technique}

See the end of the post for the answer. Houston LDS Temple Wedding Pictures are my new favorite place to photograph.

Bride and groom kissing picture at LDS Mormong Wedding at Temple


Bride and groom amidst green trees


Mormon Temple Wedding

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Houston LDS Temple Wedding Pictures

Did you guess the photo technique that was different from the first shot in this post, to the other very similar? In the top image, I had my focus on the temple with the couple kissing blurred. Then in the other shot, the couple was in focus with the temple blurred. Which one do you like best from theHouston LDS Temple Wedding Pictures? I can’t decide!!

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