How I drink 100 ounces of water in a day

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When I realized the importance of water for my health, weight loss, and skin hydration, I decided I need to do better at drinking more daily. It’s not easy for me to drink a lot of water, I don’t mind it, I’m not an “other beverage” drinker, I just don’t think of it. I used to be more of an ice eater, and THOUGHT that was hydrating me well enough, but turns out….not so much.

I discovered a secret to my water drinking that I just had to share, flavored powder! I know there are a lot of flavor options to add to water, but the Clean Simple Eats powders are not only CLEAN as they state, but I’m getting extra BOOSTS beyond that with hydration, protein, GREENS, and yummy taste, so I want to share my daily routine in case it can help someone else out.

How I drink 100 ounces of water per dayWater drinking before breakfast

In the morning, within an hour of when I wake up, I add collagen powder to my water, my favorite flavor is peach mango, with blackberry lemonade being second. (Flavors:  Peach Mango, Cucumber Lime, Blue Hawaii, Blackberry Lemonade, and Sour Watermelon). The health industry is a-buzz with the benefits of collagen,  and while I can’t say I’m observant enough to notice more glowing skin, or hair growth, I have noticed my nails growing at an exponential rate. PLUS, Clean Simple Eats collagen as NINE GRAMS of protein per serving, and I AM striving to get as much protein in my diet as possible. A great way to start the day! Grab my favorite flavor (or any others) or the sample pack with my discount: KRISTENDUKE for 10% your order. (This link takes you to the homepage of Clean Simple Eats website, click on collagen and the discount SHOULD automatically be added at the end, but if not, type in the code at checkout).

I’ve also been adding some Simply Vanilla protein powder to my collagen in the morning for flavor and more protein to start my day.

Clean Simple Eats Collagen

Mid day water with exercise

Lately, I’ve been doing my exercise mid-day, and when I do, I add the Clean Simple Eats HYDRATE (click on the hydrate category after the link) to my 20-30 ounces of water. It’s like a low sugar, delicious Gatorade that is super quenching when I’m exercising. I drink it during the day if I don’t exercise as well, I decided I need more hydration/electrolytes, to help boost the water I am drinking. From the CSE website: The new HYDRATE drink mix is filled with natural electrolytes (from real coconut), trace minerals and BCAAs to help boost hydration levels and aid in muscle recovery.

My personal favorite flavors are: Hawaiian Sunrise and Strawberry Watermelon, but you may want to get the sample pack that also includes Coconut Lime, Sour Cherry, and Sweet Kiwi.

Clean Simple Eats Hydrate

Afternoon water with greens

I’ll admit, I was skeptical to try the Clean Simple GREENS at first. After all, it’s a dark green drink that just looks…sketchy, but I have become a BELIEVER, I LOVE IT!!! At first, they had the Peachy Greens, which was delicious, (even my teens said so) then they came out with 4 more flavors, and I couldn’t love them more. I like all of the flavors, but my favorites are the Peach and Raspberry Lemonade. TIP: mix with warm water to break up the powder better, then add ice to chill.

Clean Simple Eats GREENS

Clean Simple Eats supplements

Clean Simple Eats GREENS benefits: (from the Clean Simple Eats website)

  • DELICIOUS TASTE: Greens that actually taste good? Yes, please!
  • BOOST IMMUNITY: These greens are made with all-natural ingredients and packed full of vitamins and nutrients to regulate immune function.
  • CLEANSE & DETOXIFY: The Super Greens Mix has super benefits for the organs and digestive system. Protect your gut and get all of your superfoods in just one scoop.
  • IMPROVE GUT HEALTH & REDUCE INFLAMMATION: the greens have vitamins and minerals like chlorella, spirulina, and ginger to reduce inflammation, balance pH levels and improve overall gut health.
  • DECREASE BLOAT: Loaded with 17 different veggies to promote healthy digestion, support your gut microbiome, and decrease bloating.
  • HIGHEST INGREDIENT STANDARDS: CSE Super Greens is made with natural ingredients and zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or added sugar. Our ingredients are ethically and organically sourced, then cold-processed to offer the highest quality in green nutrition available.

Pick one of these favorites, or try one, either way, they all help me get my liquids in with some added benefits as well!

drinking greens

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