How to Take Better Pictures

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If you want to learn How to Take Better Pictures, then this info is for YOU! Two years ago I introduced the Camera Academy for Moms , a video tutorial course with 30 lessons on how exactly to use your fancy dSLR camera in different creative ways. It has been a highly successful course and I’ve had great feedback, but a lot of people asked for the option to purchase the lessons individually.

I really felt like the course was meant to all be together to be cohesive, and I still do. However, I wanted to take that feedback and meet the needs of some out there, and I have now segmented the lessons so they can be purchased individually according to needs! And I’m having a big BLACK FRIDAY through CYBER MONDAY SALE where every digital product I sell is HALF OFF!!

Below is a quick glance at some of the lessons inside the course, most of which are available individually.

how to take better pictutres

Just for reference, I sell the entire course for $247. That includes the editing extension pack with full hour long tutorials on both Lightroom and Photoshop. At half off, the full course is $123, but you also have the option to purchase some of the tutorials individually.

Most videos sell for $7-10, depending on my determined value of each.

So HALF OFF, most of those videos are $3-5 each this weekend!!!

Here is a video intro about the whole course, watch the ad first, then it will come on.

Please message me on instagram or email me if you have any specific questions, but I did a little video message in my saved highlights on Instagram that should help, too.

Online Photography Classes

Below are the most popular videos, with their direct links.  SEE ALL VIDEOS ON THE STORE PAGE. {Because I already have the Say NO to Auto Workshop on there, the individual videos for: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture are not individually sold, as the 3 of them must be understood together to work.}

This special BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY WEEKEND you can purchase them half off.

phtotgraphy tutorials


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