Ikea Spice Rack Hack into Bookshelf

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Have you tried the new feature where you can turn instagram photos into chatbooks? I LOOOOOVE it so much, especially since I started the separate private family account over a year ago, I’ve got our family picture in books now! I had a stack of these books, but they were sitting in a pile on my kitchen counter for months. I really wanted to think of a good way to display them in our family room, so that my family would actually look at them and enjoy them now. I didn’t quite realize how much they’d LOVE it, each member of my family. I didn’t want them stored in a closed off cupboard, nor in our big bookshelf upstairs, but easily accessible to a family area, but where…and how? I searched different ideas on Pinterest and saved them to my Home Decor Inspiration board, and came up with an idea. I’ll share in this post, How to turn Spice Racks into Book Shelf. {This post contains affiliate links} IF YOU’VE NEVER USED CHATBOOKS BEFORE, I’VE GOT A COUPON CODE FOR YOU BELOW!

chat books book shelf out of spice rack

Yes, spice racks. When I saw how spice racks were used in various ways to hold books, I began to look around for something similar. My family room doesn’t have a ton of wall space, it’s nice and open (which I love) and what we do have is taken up quite a bit already.  I first went to trusty Amazon, well, because I don’t want to drive all over town looking for something specific. Well, I found that Ikea has some unfinished, which was perfect, because I wanted to paint them anyway.

DIY spice rack to book shelf


Though Ikea is very close, I still like the ease of Amazon Prime. Here is what I ordered: Ikea Bekvam Spice Rack  I got 4, and I already had a plan for where I’d hang them. It was just under $30 for 4 of them, and with the books so small, I knew it would still hold a lot.

unfinished wood spice rack for DIY book shelf


Once they arrived, I had my handy lego builder son assemble them. I despise putting things together. I’m too impatient, and it’s hard to focus, so I pass it off as often as possible. (Don’t judge)

After they were put together (and sat around for a few weeks) I took them outside to spray paint to match the living room, then my husband kindly screwed them into the wall in my desired spot. And guess what? My plan worked! The kids have been pulling them off the shelved to look at them, and enjoying our “highlights” already! I don’t need them to look at them all the time, but occasionally is nice.
How to make DIY bookshelves out of spice racks for chat books

Here are some helpful stats, when using the chat books:

  • you can fit 16 books on each side
  • 32 total per shelf
  • 128 books on all 4 shelves
  • I currently have 36 books from last year and a half

I probably take more pictures than the average person, so these shelves can hold a LOT!

OK, so have you tried using chatbooks before? I’ve got a coupon for your FIRST BOOK FREE when you sign up for their ongoing series. It’s a subscription, where you sign up, enter your CC info, and then every time you upload 60 pictures to instagram, they will AUTOMATICALLY send you a new book, 6×6 in size. Amazing, isn’t it?

Use the code: CAPTURING551 to get your first book free, then others are only $8 after that, and I THINK that includes shipping.

Here are my boys looking over the books, I can’t find one of my girls, but they are even doubly more obsessed with looking at them than the boys. I do love that they are enjoying it now that they are on display!

chat books

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Ikeas Spice Rack hack into Bookshelves for over 100 chat books

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  1. I saw these at your house last time I was there and love them! I need to get pictures printed in books for my kids to look through! Pictures = happy!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Yes, they love looking through them. Have you tried chat books? Or printing your blog, they’d love that, too.

  2. What a great idea! I mind myself going crazy trying to find a spot for all of my son’s books for school. Thanks. i love the color of blue you choose, that would fit perfectly with my home decor.

  3. So cute. Will have to start ordering Chat Books today.

  4. it’s really nice i love for the books on racks in home.

  5. Thanks for sharing the valuable information, very helpful indeed. Keep on writing the similar articles. waiting for your next articles.