Inside My Camera Bag

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Inside by Camera bag from a professional photographer

Below, you’ll find the camera I currently shoot with, and the lenses I use. You’ll notice 2 different 85mm lenses. The 1.8 lens has been my favorite for portraits, but it kinda broke, and I upgraded to the 1.2 recently, which I’d been contemplating for 2 years. You can see why, it was a BIG purchase! I also have 2 50mm lenses, the first being the 1.8, which I recommend in my Say NO to Auto book, as being the best and least expensive learning lens, at $100. I used it for years, then upgraded to the 1.4 which is still pretty inexpensive for a nice lens. I only have the 1.8 listed below.

You might also enjoy some other accessories I have for photography: (Yes, I have TWO colorful camera bags.) These are similar styles, but exact colors





If you’re not sure what camera to buy to start with, I always say to buy a basic model, and get great lenses. Here are my tips and where I started with a comaera on this post: How to decide what camera to buy

How to decide what camera to buy

Any questions???

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