Kindness Begins with Me

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We all believe in kindness, right? It’s a basic human trait we are all born with, but we tend to lose our way from time to time and stray from it. I think in some way or another, we are all striving to be kinder. I drill this into my kids from a very young age. At school, I remind them to look out for others who might need a friend. I recently read this talk about loving others that really struck a chord with me.  Reminders to show kindness can never be said too much.   So much, that I asked my friend Alexa to make some printables from 6 of the quotes in the talk.

Mormon LDS prints and quotes

They are so gorgeous, I hope you can find a spot for one of them in your home to remind you, your family,  your friends, that we can all try a little harder to be a little better.  

free printable

Download “Never regret bing too kind” HERE

free printable

Download “Kind words last a lifetime” HERE

free printable

Download “Power to increase happiness” HERE

free printable

Download “Always Strive to be Considerate” HERE

Free Printable

Download “Love your fellow Travelers, Love God” HERE

Free Printable

Download “It Might Have Been” HERE

I’m sharing this post along with a bunch of my Mormon Bloggers friends, in an effort to #sharegoodness of our Savior. The first Sunday of each month is our Fast Sunday, and we aim to share free printables and uplifting quotes. On Fast Sundays, we abstain from food and drink for two meals and donate the equivalent cost, or more, to the Church to assist the poor and needy. The money donated is called a fast offering. The church meeting on each fast Sunday, called fast and testimony meeting, is devoted to the voluntary expression of testimony by members.

Check out my friends shares:

Pictures in order top left to right.

Free Printable quotes to #sharegoodness

Never Give Up What Matters Most by Lil’ Luna

Faith in God is Faith Includes Faith in His Timing by I Heart Naptime

Kindness Begins with Me by Capturing Joy

Hope is an Anchor to the Soul by Simple As That

Gospel is Wings not Weight by U Create

Bear it Well by Crafting Chicks

Keep trying, be believing by Thirty Handmade Days

I am a Mormon by Lolly Jane


I hope this has inspired you, don’t forget to check out the talk I mentioned in the beginning, and if you want to know more about What I believe, check out my original post about that HERE, and part II HERE.

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