Kindness Quotes

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Place these kindness quotes in your kids lunches, tape to their mirror, or leave anywhere for the kids to find.  These are great reminders for them to BE KIND to themselves and others.

kindness quote notecards

I kicked off the #IntentionalParentingProject {follow that hashtag on Instagram} in August 2018 as a way to discuss a parenting topic each month that I hope to teach my kids. A value that is important to me, that I wanted to dissect and discuss.  And my first topic was KINDNESS. If you want to see all of the posts that I talked about kindness, look up this hashtag: #IntentionalParentingProjectKINDNESS  I’ll cover all aspects of our discussion in another post, but I got really excited about the idea of offering SOMETHING besides just a discussion. These kindness quotes were just the ticket, and I’m so excited to share them with you!

I patterned these kindness quotes after the lunch jokes that I’ve shared previously on my site. Did you know about those?? I encourage you to look them up as well, and you can use them with the kindness quotes interchangeably. Place them in your kids (or spouse) lunches, or even tape them around the house, the kids love it–even the teens!

>>>Download and print the two sets of kindness quotes here:

Kindness Quotes Set 1

Kindness Quotes Set 2

I’d love you to follow along on the monthly discussions on Instagram (@CapturingJoy.KristenDuke), where we talk about a new value to teach our kids each month. If you missed the KINDNESS chat, read all about it through the hashtag, and stay tuned for a recap in my next post to reference back to.

What is your favorite quote from the kindness quotes I’ve shared here?

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