Kit Kat Mini’s Ice Cream bars

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Our family just moved from Texas to Colorado, and it wasn’t easy for my kids. My daughter Alyssa is entering 10th grade, and she’s had a great group of friends in Texas that she’s grown up with. I was set on trying to help my kids make friends, especially since school would be starting online.

Sams Club Freezer BagI’m also all about having #happyonhand, and a #freezerfulloffun for their new friends. I’d heard about KIT KAT® Mini’s Frozen Dessert Bars and was anxious to share with my kids and their new friends. I headed out to my local Sam’s Club to do our family grocery shopping and was happy to find these treats in the ice cream section of the freezer in the back of the club and a Sam’s Club Freezer bag to keep it fresh and frozen all the way home. Our treats go straight from the freezer into the freezer bag in the air conditioning and then right home. For an even speedier delivery home, order online and pickup at club so your order is delivered straight to your car without even going in club! I like to keep my freezer bag in my car so whether I’m going in or picking up it’s always right there with me!
I’ve always wanted to create a space in our home that our kids felt comfortable bringing their friends over, and that their friends felt at home. Part of that desire is to have my kid’s friends open to any and all food we have on hand. With living in a new place, I’m grateful my kids have made friends in just a few short weeks.
Kit Kat Ice Cream
I was delighted to share the new KIT KAT® Minis Frozen Dessert Bars with the whole crew.

Kit Kat ice cream mini

Grateful for new adventures with new friends!

Teens eating Kit Kat Ice cream

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