LG G4 T-mobile Smartphone Review

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I’m excited to share a new device that isn’t even available to purchase yet, it’s a LG G4 Smartphone. If you’re in the market for a new device, or just like to learn a bit about them, keep reading.

LG G4 smartphone

The first thing I noticed about the G4 phone is that it is MUCH bigger than my current phone.

The second thing I noticed is the nice smooth leather on the back (it also comes in metallic).  The main on/off button is on the back, so is the volume.

smartphone LG G4

Once I got it plugged in and powered up, I first went to check out the camera.

Right away, I could tell it was EXCELLENT! Not just great for a smart phone, but great for a digital camera in general. I had my teen boys check it out initially and teach me the best stuff, and my son noticed that I could use a blur slider on the camera, which was a pretty cool feature.

I took the phone on an outing with me and my current phone and took a few side by side pictures with each–not editing either one.  This is my cousin Bryan, he came into town for a trip, and I met up with him for lunch!

LG G4 phone camera picture

It was a gloomy day, but that LG G4 did a pretty fabulous job making the image not so gloomy.

Then I tried some macarons for the first time. Great pic taken with the LG G4 again. Such clarity and brightness!

macaron tasting

Here is a bit more about the camera:

  •  f/1.8 Lowlight Lens
  • Manual Mode options
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Laser Autofocus
  • High-res Image Sensors (16mp rear camera, 8mp front camera for great selfies)
  • Color Spectrum Sensor

To learn more about the camera check out this page.

So let me tell you about a fun little event:

LG and T-Mobile are partnering to send out two trucks on a preview tour. These trucks are driving from city to city across the country for 3.5 weeks in order to give residents the ability to try out the new phone themselves before they hit stores. The trucks will be parked in areas of high foot traffic in each city, like parks, plazas and squares, and at night will be parked near music festivals or sporting events.

If you follow the @G4Preview handle you can find out where they will be heading on the preview tour or follow this hashtag #G4Preview

If you pre-register here, you will get notified when the phone is available and will also enter into a sweepstakes promotion for a chance to win a phone!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LG. The opinions and text are all mine.

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