Listen with Your Eyes

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A reminder to “Be Attentive” when someone is talking to you, this fun Listen with Your Eyes printable is good for kids and parents alike.Listen with your Eyes

I heard this phrase, “listen with your eyes” years ago, and it’s stuck with me. When my kids talk to me, I want them to have my undivided attention, and though my brain my be in hundreds of directions, I want my eyes to be on them, so this is a reminder for MYSELF to give my full attention. And not just for me kids, but to be an attentive listener to anyone I’m having a conversation with.

>>>>>To download the Listen with Your Eyes free print, HERE.

In the month of October on the Capturing Joy instagram page, for the #IntentionalParentingProject we talked about MANNERS. Click on the #IntentionalParentingProjectMANNERS link to read the discussions there.

We also discussed teaching our kids:

  • Holding the door open
  • Please and Thank you
  • Ma’am and Sir

A big part of teaching our kids manners is modeling good manners ourselves.


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