Love your Teeth with Listerine

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As a parent, one of the most important jobs I have is to help teach my kids healthy habits when it comes to our body and mind. Eat well. Exercise. Wash hands. Flush. Pray. Love your teeth.

It isn’t hard to brush and rinse every day, but sometimes all of us can skimp on a necessary routine. I’m happy to partner with LISTERINE® Brand today to share the importance of loving our teeth, and a free printable to hang in the bathrooms to remind us to do so!

I’m knocking on virtual wood when I say that I’ve been blessed with great genes when it comes to teeth. But I’ve had to take care of them, too, and as I build heroic habits for my family, it’s important to me to emphasize rinsing out all the gooey stuff in their teeth that isn’t always grabbed by the toothbrush.

Sometimes we have to harp on the kids to emphasize proper hygiene. I mean, isn’t it enough that you have bad breath to do something about it?!? My kids are slowly getting the big picture.

My son uses LISTERINE® COOL MINT® Rinse to top off the healthy habit of having a clean mouth. Kids between the ages of 6-12 should use LISTERINE® SMART RINSE® mouthwash.

I had this fun printable created to hang in the bathroom, so they can be reminded to LOVE their TEETH, which includes a good brush AND rinse. Download LOVE YOUR TEETH printable PDF HERE, and choose the size/font to print.

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We all need cute, visual reminders, right?

My 14-year-old son said he loves the fresh feeling in his mouth after rinsing with the LISTERINE® COOL MINT® Rinse. Since he will start attending dances at church soon, it’s important to have that fresh breath, too!

I’ll continue to be a nag warrior to my children in helping them start Heroic Habits while young. What are some habits you are trying to help your kids remember on a daily basis?

Healthy habits start with good oral care. That’s why my family and I use LISTERINE® as a part of our routine! Share your healthy habits below, and you could win $1,000! Official Rules 

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