Mason Jar Party

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Last month, I got to help put on a party for my grandparents and celebrate their 90th year. They don’t actually turn 90 until NEXT year, but when we realized my parents would be serving a 3 year mission in Ghana and unable to come back for the party next year, I put a bug in the ear of my sweet grandparents to see what they thought about celebrating the beginning of their 90th year instead of waiting until they were actually 90. It’s all semantics, right?

They delightfully agreed, and with just 2 months to plan, we set out to celebrate in late June. My grandparents last name is BALL, and something really cool is that my grandmother’s mothers’ maiden name is MASON. I thought that having a party theme including Mason Jars would be so fun to do for them (Do you remember my Mason Jar Mod Podge Photo Art I made last month? That was in preparation for this event). My most favorite part of the decor was the Mason Jar Ball Cake my friend Ashlee from I’m Topsy Turvy in Utah made.

mason jar party

You see, I’ve met Ashlee through the blogging world, and she attended my Say NO to Auto workshop in Utah last summer. My cousin was going to make the cake, but she was unable to at the last minute. I called Ashlee the week before and begged and pleaded for a last minute cake order. I’m so happy she obliged!! Not only was the cake gorgeous, amazing, and fabulous, it was also 3 different layers of gourmet deliciousness! (white chocolate with strawberry one layer, chocolate with cream cheese another, and lemon with lemon curd the third).

Ashlee put on the finishing touches when she dropped it off.

cake decorating

It all started when I found a super cute cookie design on pinterest that said, “having a Ball” that came from Kara’s Party Ideas. I then started a pinterest board called Grandparents 90th to gather ideas.

The most gorgeous cookies ever - Mason Jar Cookies via Kara's Party Ideas{source}

I went with that theme, and asked my friend Kim from 733 Design to create an invitation, with the colors they chose (purple and blue). I LOVE how it turned out (front and back below). I took the pic of my grandparents back in January on my front porch when they were visiting me. They are both quite agile.

having a ball invitation

I found a fabulous shop online that made custom napkins, and I was SO excited! The Paper Hat created some sweet napkins that I knew would be a great keepsake for all of my family members even after the event.


the paper hat custom napkins

My cousins collected a bunch of Ball jars in varying sizes, and we found some turquoise color just a few hours before the party began.

mason jar flower vase

Here are a few other decor spots:

having a ball party

I was so worried about cutting into it, I had to have my brother do it.

carrying cake

We waited til halfway through the party (we had another sheet cake we were serving from). I had to take one last loving picture with this adorable-ness.

hugging mason jar cake

cutting mason jar cake

A little glimpse at the rest of the room: Mason jars were used to hold forks and pens and flowers.

Mason Jar party collage

My grandparents had an AMAZING turnout, and they just couldn’t stop talking about the people who came, some driving several hours to share their love. Some they hadn’t seen in 50 years that read about it in the paper! It was a sweet event, and they even had all of their great grandchildren present (though a few are missing from this picture).

great grandchildren
My mom and dad on the left, her sister and her husband on the right, then us cousins in the middle with spouses (though mine wasn’t there). My handsome brothers are behind me.

grandparents party

My grandma was told as a young bride that she wouldn’t be able to have children, and two miracle daughters, 10 grandchildren, and many many great grandchildren later, they have left a legacy of love and Christ centered living.

grandparents laughing

It was a great day.

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