Mickey Mouse Lunch Box Jokes

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I’ve been sending my kids with lunch jokes for so long, I get called out by them AND teachers on lunch duty when I forget. Luckily, I have a drawer full of the jokes that I’ve shared, as well as those I’ve found around the web, and have it pretty easy to grab and stash each morning. I just am not always on the ball (shocking, I know). I really do LOVE sending my kids with a little joke in their lunches, though, just a reminder of ME and that I love them, and allow them to think of me and that love while we are apart on school days. It makes me happy that they still enjoy them–even my teenage boys. At least…that’s what they tell me. My goal is to eventually have enough jokes on my site to last throughout the year, including holidays. So here we go! {You may enjoy more DISNEY related posts, too}

Kids love getting jokes in their lunches, here is a set of Mickey Mouse Jokes, to go along with others on this site

To download the set, click here: Mickey Mouse Jokes

Want MORE lunch box jokes?? I’ve got lots to share!

Lunch Jokes

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