New Years Eve Party Ideas

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In the middle of all of this Christmas fun, I have to share about our New Years Eve Party we threw last year. It was sort-of a last minute thing, but I’d never done one before, so I had fun putting it together!  If you missed the NYE posts I shared last year, you might want to check out:

Now, back to the party, we had over 40 youth from church, and I think I can say that they all had a fun time! Scroll down to read all about it!!

New Years Eve Party Ideas with prints games decorations

It was quite the cold night in Texas, so we were mostly inside. I borrowed a ping pong table from a friend (luckily my husband has a truck, that was quite the haul) and set it up in my garage. Lots of kids played out there. I gathered a bunch of minute to win it games, and put my husband in charge of running those in our family room. I gathered a bunch of board games, and put them on a table upstairs in our open game room, and asked everyone to bring a treat to share, which was in the kitchen. People roamed from room to room throughout the night, and we only went outside at the end of the night as we waited that last 30 minutes to count down til midnight. It was FOUR hours of time, which is quite along time for any party, and I feel pleased with how it went.

For decoration, I gathered a bunch of table top clocks from friends. (I wish this picture were better, but it was DARK, and my unnatural light photography isn’t the greatest!)

New Years Eve Party

I’ve got a “cake pop” lady who lives locally, and she always makes the greatest treats each time I ask her, and I love these pops she made! Besides the clocks and pops, I just threw some black and gold and silver confetti on the table with noisemakers.

FUN TIP! I went to after Christmas sales (Target, etc.) and got a bunch of ornaments in gold and silver, tied them on strings, and used them all over! It was perfect decorations!

I used gold wrapping paper for my mantel, black thick ribbon as the border, then cut out black poster board to form the 2015 numbers, then glued glitter all over the edges. My husband wasn’t too thrilled about the glitter part…he hates the stuff.

New Years Eve Mantel Decoration

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Of course we had a photo booth, (print your own free New Year’s Eve photo booth props) and then I just put up my black muslim fabric backdrop and used my instax instant camera (they’ve come down alot in price, and a great TEEN gift for girls), and the kids LOVED taking home a picture. I had to limit them, which I hated, but there were a lot of kids, and that was my dime on those prints.  They could use their phones to take as many as they wanted!

I’m also a BIG fan of collecting paper lanterns in all colors. I found these gold ones on Amazon, and so happy to have them in my collection–they are re-usable! I use paper lanterns for all parties.

Here is my daughter and I on a phone pic.

New Years Eve photo booth idea

Here is a little phone snap I took of some of the kids pictures

instax instant photos at new years eve party

game table

Here is the room at a glance with the “photo booth” on the left, the props on the right, and the big room in the years eve decorations withballoons

Close up on the props…photo booth props

Here are some “Crowd shots” I love them!

new years eve with youth party

youth new years eve party

youth games

New years eve party ideas with teens

Have you had a New Year’s Eve party in the past? What did you do??

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