No Sew Halloween Costumes

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If you are looking for some fun no sew Halloween Costumes, here are four sweet treats I made without sewing a stitch!

working with felt

If you are looking for an easy costume idea and you aren’t a big sewer, I have some fun ideas for you.  I made these sweet treat costumes for my family, a cupcake costume, a chocolate chip cookie costume, a dunkin/ donuts costume, and a circus cookie costume, all without sewing anything.

How to make No Sew Costumes

I started by drawing the shape of each costume freehand on paper and then transferred it to felt.  Felt is an inexpensive and forgiving fabric to use, so it is great for making your own costumes.

Hot glue and safety pins are great for working with felt.  I used them to hold the costumes together and then flipped them inside out.  For the cookies, I used grocery bags as stuffing.

I added a headband to the chocolate chip cookie.  I used a brown headband that I wanted to use again, so I wrapped it up and made sure not to get any glue on the actual headband.  You could also buy some inexpensive plastic headbands.

chocolate chip cookie costume

For the donut, I started with an orange inflatable tube leftover from our summer. Cover with fabric and leave enough on the inside to glue or safety pin it together.

The bottom of my cupcake, the skirt, I folded like an accordian or fan, then put it under something heavy,  and starched it.  Turned out nice and bendy:)


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