Episode #004: Cassidy Lundgren // How struggling with mental illness prepared her for parenting children with mental illness

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“I decided I was ok to be the poster child for mental illness if it would help others feel ok about themselves.”

“A goal in my life is to be more holy. Try to weed out things in my life that keep me from being in tune with God.”

Cassidy is REAL and RAW as she discusses her own struggles with mental illness, and how it has blessed her as she is parenting children with mental illness as well. From a discussion on supporting your kids, to therapy to her thoughts on  medicating. She also discusses feelings of inferiority as she wasn’t parenting how her mom did, and how she learned to be OK with being different.

There were tears shed, and I left with a feeling of gratitude for her sharing her heart so that I can better understand those with mental illness.

She gave up a professionally performing to raise her family in the way she felt was best, even amidst disappointment from musical coaches.  I’m delighted she was willing to sing a snippet at the beginning and end so that you can hear a piece of her amazing voice.

She shares a sweet personal experience that she falls back on when times are tough, and where she finds strength, and how God has answered her prayers on how to help her raise her family.


Listen here:

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Parenting children with mental illness

Cassidy is one of my dearest friends from high school, and though we’ve raised our families states apart, I’ve had opportunities over the past few years to come together a few times. One of those was just a few weeks ago when our family made a trip to Arizona, we stopped into her home on the tail end of our trip for a sleepover, and had a great time. It’s important to me that my family gets to know the families of those that are a big part of my growing up life, so I take that chance when I can, and our spouses and kids got along quite well! Two years ago, Cassidy and I went to our 20 year high school reunion together, and had a blast, you’ll have to look at some fun pictures in the show notes.

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Here are some throwback pictures of Cassidy and me!

Circa 1995 on our birthday weekend, with our friend Natalie on right

Circa 2011 (above and below)

2016 (Our 20 year high school reunion friend photo shoot (because why not??))

20 year high school reunion pictures

2018 Trip to Arizona


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