People in Pajamas

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My friend Tricia of Dunlap Portrait wrote this article about having a photo session in your home, in pajamas. I loved this idea, and was happy to be one of the first in line to have our pictures taken this way! These are pajamas that I wear all the time, and I love the lounging, casual (no make-up) feel of these. I love this time with my family, and love that I now have it documented.

Family Pictures in Pajamas at home

from Tricia:

When I think about the days I will long for most when my children grow up, it is our ordinary weekend mornings – pajamas, bed head, coffee in hand – no where to rush off to.


People in Pajamas for family pictures

I keep telling myself I need to get better about taking photos of those moments – but then I find myself just wanting to BE in the moment.


People in Pajamas for family pictures

In photographing families,  I often get the request for a “lifestyle” session, but then I find that mom is still concerned about what everyone should wear and there is still an element of things being somewhat rehearsed.    I started asking myself “what could I do to REALLY get families to relax and just BE themselves?”   People in Pajamas for family pictures

That’s when I decided that photos of people “lounging” at home, with no agenda of perfect clothing would allow them to relax and be themselves.  After all, these ordinary moments will end up being the most extraordinary as time goes on!

Thanks you so much, Tricia, for sharing your thoughts!! I love this idea, and think more people would have this time captured, as well!

Here are a few more of our family that Tricia captured.

super blanket
The blankets are super soft, and favorites that we keep close by in a bench. Our couch is perfect for us to all gather together for movies, scripture reading, or just to cuddle!
family having fun at home in pajamas


sisters hugging

photos at home with family


lounging at home in a soft blanket

photography in pajamas at home

running in pajamas

family cuddle on the couch

family photography at home

My boys love it when I play with their hair, and will often plop in my lap, grab my hand, and put it on their head!

family photos on the couch

lots of soft blankets

family lounging on the couch

pictures in pajamas

photo session at home

pictures at home

My oldest daughter wanted to capture her hoola hoop skills, so we stepped outside for a little spin.

hoola hoop at home

hoola hoop pajamasThen, of course, little sister wanted to give it a shot.

hoola hoop in pajamas

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