Get creative & sneaky with your photography

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I thought I’d share some ways to get creative with photography, and talk about unique ways to frame your shot.  To add a little interest in your photography.  Using angles and depth of field to our advantage can make a shot go from great to WOW.

When I took my daughter out for her one year pics, I posted a bunch on my blog and asked to hear favorites (because she is my child, they are all my favorites and I couldn’t decifer objectively).  So many people said this was their favorite shot:

What makes this shot unique amongst the others is that I crouched down in the field of flowers and got some of them inbetween us.  I set my focal point on her face and with a low aperture, it blurs those flowers inbetween and gives a really cool look.
 I was with my family at a lakehouse a while ago and was risky and decided to take my camera and zoom lens out on the boat to get some fun shots of the kids being pulled on the tube.  I got lots of cool shots, but one of my favorites was not planned.  When the boat turned and the ladder got in my way.  I was annoyed at the time, but then I saw that it was actually framing them quite nicely.
With my focus on them (my dad, brother, and nephew) and having the bars in my frame, but blurred, made this shot more interesting than the one before….
Don’t you think?
I try to find interesting things in my shoots to include.  I love this shot of a couple cuddling, but I was on a stairwell above the tree and moved enough to get the flowers nicely framed around them.
It’s almost like you are being sneaky–hiding behind something so as to give the appearance that they don’t know you are there, or that the viewer of the image is made to think that the subject didn’t realize you were watching.
Think of objects that might otherwise get in your way and use them to be creative.
I didn’t take this below, (because I’m in it) but I love how the bars of the stairwell frame our faces.
(Image taken by Tricia Dunlap, see more here).
  Turn a chain link fence into a piece of your art!
You catchin’ my drift?  Get creative, get sneaky, get some cool shots!
I’d love to see some sneaky shots you have taken (or take after this post) on my facebook page.
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