Quick Smoothie Recipe

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A Quick Smoothie Recipe is the best immune booster as we head into the cold and flu season of the winter months. It doesn’t have to be super complicated what you put inside, it’s really as simple as grabbing a few items and blending!

quick smoothie recipe I used to be very intimidated by making smoothies.  I had all of these questions…

How much to measure?  What if it is too sweet? What if it isn’t sweet enough?  How do I know which ingredients are best?

I was over-thinking it! Don’t think too much, just throw some stuff in! I’ve got a few favorite ingredients that you can change up with flavor, but the basics always stay the same.

Easy Smoothie Tips

  1. Frozen berries–why waste fresh fruit putting it in the blender? I like to eat my fresh fruit fresh, and plus it’s hard to keep it well, buying FROZEN is a win-win! Just keep it in the freezer, yo!
  2. Honey–the best natural sweetener. I just squeeze it in until I feel happy. Probably 2 T on a family sized smoothie that we all share.
  3. Avocado–if you have never had an avocado in your smoothie, you MUST. TRY. IT! I thought it was weird at first…avocado with my berries? But I promise, you can’t taste it, and avocado’s make it SUPER thick and creamy. Good fats right there.
  4. Spinach–If you don’t put some kind of greens in your smoothie, you might as well be drinking orange juice. I mean, you CAN go without the greens, but WHY? Hidden green goodness. This is where the honey helps, totally masks, and if you have a good blender, the kids will NEVER know there are green leaves inside.
  5. Almond milk–YES! Just adds more creaminess. You can go halvsies with water, too.

I used quality ingredients for this quick smoothie recipe, all purchased at my local Randalls store.  With Randalls O Organics® product line, available in my area exclusively at Randalls it’s easy to incorporate organic items into your wellness routine during cold and flu season without a lot of time, money or effort. Randalls stores believe that great-tasting organic food should be affordable for everyone.

quick smoothie recipe

Quick Smoothie Recipe

  • Frozen berries (2 cups)
  • honey (2 T)
  • avocado (1 medium)
  • spinach (1 cup)
  • almond milk (1 cup)

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quick smoothie recipe

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