Quick trip to Salt Lake City

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My friends! Thanks for hanging in there while I’ve been working on the launch of my photography course. I have not forgotten all the things I want to share here, just had to force myself to put it on the back burner. But I’m coming back! I used to post 5-7 times each week, but blogging has changed, people are all over social media, and now I’m aiming towards 2-3 a week. Keeping it all in the name of bringing your family closer together through fun activities, travel, recipes, and home projects.  It’s all encompassing. I love holidays, family travel, parenting discussions, etc.

But I just don’t feel as crafty creative as I used to, so I don’t have as much of that to share. I really want to “talk” more about stuff like parenting and finding joy, etc., but I know people just don’t “chat” much in blog comments like they used to, and it happens more on social like Facebook or Instagram.

I just got back from a 3 day trip to Utah, where I got to visit my 92 year old grandparents, take them to General Conference, visit my dad in his new digs, and eat my bucket list favorites while there.  If you follow me on Instagram or SnapChat {Capturing-Joy}, you practically LIVED it with me…haha! I can be an over-sharer sometimes, and well, I shared!



Besides going to the LDS/Mormon Conference with over 22,000 people, I got to meet up with friends, extended family, hike in the fall leaves, visit my alma mater BYU, and so much more packed into those 3 days!

My older daughter came on the quick trip with me, and we landed at midnight on Tuesday, got home around 1am, then I got up at 5am to teach my early morning Bible study to the teenagers. Needless to say, I was SO happy to come home and take a 2 hour nap that day! Then I watched a movie in bed…it was pretty amazing after a month of non-stop on my computer working on the finishing course details.

We walked the grounds of the brand new Provo City Center Temple, which was a meetinghouse built in the 1800’s, burned down on the inside, then restored to be a temple. Gorgeous!!


I loved spending time with my daughter, she truly is one of my favorites, and I hope for us to have a close relationship to last throughout her teen years and beyond.


It was really great to spend time with my dad, and he spoiled us with treats and meals all over the city on my bucket list. He is working at BYU, helping young entrepreneurs get started on their businesses, and happy, which makes me SO happy. He’s had a rough year. He’s able to connect with a lot of his missionaries that were in Ghana with him, which makes him so happy.

Utah food Bucket List:

  • Cubby’s
  • Bruges Waffles
  • Cafe Zupas
  • Shirley’s
  • Sweet Tooth Fairy
  • Cafe Rio

Here’s to more sharing of living a happy life, despite challenges!!

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