Repurposed Giant Frame Tutorial

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I am so excited to share this fun frame creation I’ve placed in my office, and the story behind it! I love decorating with pictures, and this repurposed giant frame was so fun to create–read the tutorial below.

I’m so excited with how it turned out, and as always, want to share the story along with the process of how this display came to be.  For those that know me and my blog a little bit, it should come as no surprise that I like to decorate with portraits of my family around my home. I try to encourage doing the same to my friends in real life, and have aimed to inspire with the Decorating with Portraits series of guest bloggers I had last September and February. I plan to do it again next February. Little by little, I’m making my office a place to inspire me and make me feel happy when I am tapping away on my computer.  I love to see the faces of my sweet children staring at me, and occasionally reminding me to get off the computer when they are home, and close my office doors. So, I printed individuals of them in a 10×20 size (done at a pro lab, but you can have them printed at a local lab with white on the side to trim off. Let me start by sharing the exciting BEFORE of this frame.



I saw it in the garage of my neighbor Kelley, and fell in love…with the FRAME! I saw it had amazing potential, with a spray paint can in hand! At one point, she loved this painting, but her husband urged her for years to get rid of it. It sat in her garage until I snatched it up. Squeal!  My hubby thought it was a little…inappropriate, and put the black bar across. We got some good laughs out of that one.
Hubby thought the dark brown stain was lovely, and that it didn’t need a paintin’ but I thought otherwise.My friend Alisha helped me with some measuring, that’s not so much my favorite part of a project.

I just stapled the yellow fabric to the wall. Staples leave really small holes, you know. Alisha may or may not have chipped her tooth when she tried to wiggle a jammed staple out of the stapler.  I mounted the 10×20 prints onto foam board with Elmers spray glue, then cut them out.

I glued ribbon on the back of the foam board, and put push pins in the wall, and they hung quite simply.  And here they are propped up staring at me with the sweetest faces!

The view from my yellow desk (that hubby built) and the tin foil table that I recently constructed.

I always love a side by side before & after…

It’s hard to tell how large the frame is without a model standing next to it, so here ya go!

I just love it, and my office is really coming together!  Now go rummage through the thrift store looking for great frames. I actually using the inside giant canvas for another fun project, check it out! Happy Repurposing!

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  1. Great job!! Looks fantastic 🙂

  2. This looks fantastic! Love the yellow and the turquoise and the pictures are just lovely 🙂 Now I’ll be looking for a big frame…..

  3. Love it! Those are the colors of my kitchen/family room area. I have a huge collage of turquoise frames on one wall that we put kids’ artwork in. Such a great frame find!!

  4. I recently did 2 in white ( but now I´m sure I need a blue one 🙂

    It looks great!

  5. Love the new color! I love the way your office is coming together and can’t wait to see the whole thing!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I can’t wait to see the whole thing, either! I need to just buckle down and finish with the details in my head, but I procrastinate…;)

  6. Good for you! I wouldn’t have thought of adding the fabric to the wall. I would have wrapped it around the foam core but that’s an entirely cool idea.

  7. I love the intense color and how huge it is!!

  8. I love this Kristen!! {my fav spray paint color currently too!} Man, I wish I could find such a beautiful, huge frame…. I have been looking! That black tape is pretty funny 🙂 Your kids are darling btw… just a great project!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thanks Holly. Is it the same turq. blue you girls used for the chalkboard project? Seriously love that one, and the shade of blue jumped out at me because I had used it for this (I spray painted this over a month ago). And thanks on the kids…I kinda like them.

  9. Oooooh, I love it! And the before picture is just hilarious!

  10. I love it! It looks great-such a cute statement, and cute kiddos too. 😉

  11. It turned out great! I love that your “during” shot has a bag of cheerios in it. 🙂

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Alisha has an 8 month old baby, they were his! I was thinking…hmm…cheerios…haven’t done that in a while.

  12. I love it!! The tin foil table under it goes so well!! I have an giant frame that I been waiting to put our family picture in 🙂

  13. I LOVE this! Great job!

  14. Ok, I absolutely LOVE that you censored that canvas…but what I love even more is the new frame and the cute pictures of your kiddos! I plan on building a huge frame soon using molding! I can’t wait to get it up and displaying my darling kids! I would be in heaven in your office!

  15. That is a Great use for that frame, and I LOVE that you painted it! Found your post from the TT&J linky party, thanks for sharing!

  16. That sounds like my husband, he is color-adverse. I’m working on that! 🙂

  17. This is just lovely!

  18. What a great idea! I have a large frame and the glass broke. I should try this. Thanks for sharing!


  19. I see you used a disc cutting tool to trim up your photos after mounting them on foam board – can I ask what kind of cutter that is? I’m planning on doing some photo-on-foam-board prints myself & didn’t know what I wanted to use to trim them up yet….did it trim the edges up well??

    Love this project of yours – I just have to find a spot in my house to re-create it!!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Hi Angie! I used a fabric/sewing roller cutter. It really didn’t work THAT great. I got some rough edges, and then used a sanding block to even them out a bit.

  20. Love the paint color! Can you tell me what the name of the color is? I would love to use it in my house! Thanks!

  21. This is fabulous; love it!

  22. Susan Dixon says:

    Small world! Love this idea, found it on Pinterest. Started looking at the directions….and saw a pic of Alisha!!! Tell her Johnson Ranch misses her!!!!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      How fun! Alisha is a dear friend, we hit it off instantly the day I met her;) Who doesn’t love that girl though?

  23. S. Thomas says:

    Great way to showcase your kiddos! Fabric you used is eye catching and I would love to know where you purchased it.

  24. What size is this massive frame?

  25. What is the size of the frame?

    I have a giant frame that held a painting. I took a painting out of it and want to paint the frame but was wondering the size of your frame.

  26. Any color suggestions with a sage green couch, tan walls, would like pop of color?

  27. What is the name of that color of spray paint? I can’t see the name on the bottle!


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