Say NO! to Auto~The e-book!

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  I am so excited to announce that I am selling the books that I’ve created for my workshop, right here from my site.  This is a mini book the size of 4×6 pictures.  By purchasing the e-book, you will get emailed the jpg files of this book.  I recommend sending it to a local lab and printing it (just $2.20 at Sams Club) but you can also print at your home computer on paper.  I had mine spiral bound for another $2.  It is small enough to fit in your camera bag so that you can take it with you on excursions and pull it out for pointers. The basis for the book is all in the title:

Say No! to Auto:  3 basic steps to understanding manual settings

I have broken down the complicated method of using the manual settings on slr cameras and narrowed it down to 3 basic questions you must ask yourself before taking a shot.  I want to make it affordable to everyone, so selling the e-book for just $10.  It is 18-4×6 pages with picture examples and settings of those images to help you in any lighting situation you may find yourself.  I intentially made it pocket sized so it was easily transportable.  This is an e-book, so you can print it and spiral bind it or put a ring on it, or even slip the 4×6 prints inside of a mini photo album to bind the book. {E-book means that I am not mailing a hard copy to you, but e-mailing you a digital copy for you to print}

Here are a few pages that I’ve blurred;)

  Lots of examples like the shot below with descriptions of the light and the settings I used.

*I have had some interest in the outline as to what I would speak about at my workshop, so if you are also interested in that 22 page notebook in addition to this mini book, contact me.  It basically talks about finding the best light, lenses and camera gear, posing for candid and smiley shots, and some basic photoshop techniques with screen shots.   The notebook is priced at $25 for the 22 pages.

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