#17 Kristen and Shelley Shoot the Breeze: Parenting Style

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I’m happy I was able to convince my friend Shelley to chat on this episode with a fairly unscripted agenda. I’d already interviewed her husband, Brian (in episode #12) and I wanted to wait a while to do an official podcast with her in the standard format. so in this chat, we are just shooting the breeze, parenting style. She is one of my closest friends, and greatest confidants when it comes to parenting and life. Even though she didn’t necessarily WANT to speak on air, and do a mini photo shoot, I love her response when I asked her with partially squeezed eyes, and her response was, “Kristen, I’ll do anything for you.” THAT is a true friend.  PLUS, if you really want insight as to how our family operates, she’s one of the best that can tell you, and she does share some of her observations about the Duke Family in this episode!

Shooting the Breeze Parenting Style

We start our chat with me highlighting a few times in our 5 year friendship that I’ve cried on her shoulder…I’m a sensitive soul! I actually think crying…venting…letting it out is SO good, and I’m used to it, so no BIG DEAL! {Don’t worry about me} We then discuss some of her favorite episodes of Beyond Good Intentions and her “a-ha” moments. We talk about how we aim to implement different parenting tactics such as yelling and asking rhetorical questions, and how we also need to be flexible.

One of my favorite discussions is to talk about what we DON’T do as moms, that we may see others doing, and that we are ok with it. I love this discussion because I think as we are more vocal about what we DON’T DO, it gives allowance for others moms to realize we don’t need to…and we CAN’T do it all the time. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the Instagram discussion, what do you not do and feel ok with?

We close with chatting about our thoughts after attending a parenting conference recently. Listen all the way to the very end of this episode where I have a REQUEST for you. It’s how all of YOU can be a part of this podcast, I want to hear YOUR voice! (Literally)

A funny quote from mine and Shelley’s chat happens towards the end,

“Sometimes, being a parent is just super annoying.”

With that cliffhanger, lets begin!

Talking To Friends About Parenting Styles

Listen to the podcast discussion on itunes (search: Beyond Good Intentions) or right here, push PLAY!

I also love continuing the discussion on social media. Head to Instagram to share what do you NOT do as a parent, but you’ve made peace with?

I mentioned at the end, the video I made about showing respect to teenagers, how we treat them is how they will respond. If you haven’t seen the video I made about that, I’d love you to watch it: Treating Teens with Respect.

>>>>>>>Lastly, I have a request! Will you pull out your phone, scroll through the past podcasts,  record yourself talking about your favorite episodes, and send it to me? Email it to me {kristenduke @ Gmail.com} I think it will be so fun to hear from a handful of listeners what their favorites are. Ideally in the next 2 weeks!

Shelley’s daughter Eve is my favorite. She was our little helper on this photo shoot and wanted to be in all the pictures (or have her pink rock represented). I wanted to show some bloopers and shots with her, because…why not?

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talking about parenting styles with friends


adult friends

talking to friends about parenting

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talking to friends about parenting styles



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