Episode #014 Kristen of Six Sisters Stuff // Kindness will Reflect Back

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I’m happy to share the story of my friend Kristen from the food blog, Six Sisters Stuff. She and I first met at a blogging conference 5 years ago, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have had this chat with her.

We discussed her home life growing up and her parents rules. Then, what happened in her home if she missed curfew. We talk about family and life with little ones, as her oldest is 10, and how she has 4 girls.  It wasn’t until the end that we went back to her teenage years and she told me the bet her dad made with her and her sisters (that the whole school knew about and teased them!) You’ll likely gasp when she tells that story!

She is the epidome of Kindness, so her motto, “Kindness will reflect back” has definitely lived on with her.

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From Six Sisters to Raising Four Sisters


Book: Baby Wise

Quote: Smile and the world will smile with you

Scripture: Helaman 5:12 Which talks about Faith in the Savior, that we can make it through anything.

Hack: Dollar store–cake pans, foil, cookie sheets

Game: Phase 10 // Aggravation // Monopoly

Meal: Chicken Zucchini Casserole

YouTube channel with her girls:  Doll Sister Stories

Here are a few pictures of Kristen and Myself:

Our stay at the Magnolia House in 2016. {See more on the link}

In the podcast, I referred to the time she snuck me into her house (in 2014), this was that day below!

playing in the snow

playing in the snow

That time I photographed all Six Sisters.

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