Stenciled Glass: Mother’s Day Gift Idea with Martha Stewart

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I was recently sent a package full of Martha Stewart crafts, including glass paint and stencils. I was challenged to make a Mother’s Day craft, and I came up with this simple stenciled glass frame art. I have a large stash of frames in a storage space in my home. Shocking, I know. That a photographer would have a stash of frames…I’ve got some old looking-not-so-cute frames that were just begging for some spray paint to liven them  up. I thought it was perfect for a glass project. Martha Stewart Crafts

After painting the frame white, and grabbbing a gingham patterned sheet of scrapbook paper, I pulled out the glass paint to get started. Martha Stewart makes all kinds of goodness, and this colorful craft paint is no exception. This set came with 8 lovely colors and my 4 year old daughter picked out the blue and the purple to go together.

Martha Stewart Glass Paint set

I’ve heard that this specific glass paint by Martha Stewart can only be found at Michael’s craft stores.

I selected my vinyl stencil design, I love that they are reusable vinyl, too. There are great squeegy tools as well that help the paint not to run on the glass, but makes it nice and clean. I just kept stroking until I didn’t see any streaks.

Martha Stewart tools

Once I finished that part, I peeled off the vinyl stencil while it was still wet. Otherwise, it dries to the stencil (I found that out the hard way).  Once the outer design was fully dry, I placed “JOY” letters in the middle and painted them on–then peeled right away.

Martha Stewart Stencils

The options are endless!

Martha Stewart Paint

Grab any old frame, and dress it up with this fun method. It can be a gift for your Mother, placed at a Mother’s Day meal, and even used as home decor after. We all need to be reminded to feel a little joy–am I right?

Martha Stewart Mother's Day

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