Summer Boredom Buster Printable Kits

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I’m so excited to share with you this amazing Summer Boredom Buster Printable Kit created by a handful of my blogger friends.  They are kits for purchase, but I think well worth the investment. They are quality designs and oh so cute and fun.These kits are perfect for my girls, it’s mainly for kids 6-12. Some are great for home, others will be PERFECT on our road trip! Here are my girls working on “finish the doodle” and “fill in the blank” (sorta like mad libs).

Boredom Buster Printable Activities


I know they will also love the adventure book and cooking class, that’s up NEXT!  These are great to keep on hand and use year after year, print and gift to friends as well.

Here is a quick breakdown if you buy the entire kit and caboodle.

Printable Mad Libs

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For all of the above, Boredom Buster Kits, it’s $20:
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Or you can buy them individually:


Just the creative boredom buster kit, $12:
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Just the adventure kit, $12:
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Fill in the Doodle printable


We’ve actually been using the chore chart, and instead of printing a new one each week (I can’t keep up with that), we put a small “dot” or “check” in one corner for one week, and use a different corner the next week. Here is my son Tyler’s chart.

summer chore chart

As you can see, he is GREAT at the job part, we need to get on that Driver’s Ed (he forgot password).  You can see the first “dot” is top left corner and second is top right corner for this week.


Disclosure: By sharing with you, I earn a small commission if you buy from the links below. I wouldn’t share them if I didn’t love them!


To grab everything you see here, all the kits plus an extra READING ENRICHMENT (not pictures) for $25:

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