Summer Fun Boredom Buster Adventures

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Looking for summer fun boredom buster adventures to do when the kids get out of school? If you live in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Las Vegas, or Phoenix, I’ve got some great news for you! Beat the heat in the hottest cities in the US, with the POGO Pass!

On those long summer days, my kids are mostly done with the home crafting phase (though we still do them) and prefer GOING places, which I do, too.

We generally do the free stuff like ride bikes and go to a local swimming hole, because so many venue prices can simply add up to too much for my family of six.

summer swim in watering hole

Enjoying all the free stuff.

family bike ride


But this summer, I’m excited for my first POGO Pass, it’s all about adventure around town, and VERY affordable!

Have you heard of the POGO pass? It’s in Texas, Nevada, and Arizona, and spreading to other US states in the future, but it’s a year round pass you purchase, and it gains you access to many different venues all over your city. Perfect to kick-start your summer fun! AND, I’ve got a MASSIVE coupon code for you today (scroll down to grab it). Sorry to those of you not in these 3 states, I’ll cross my fingers the POGO Pass will come to you soon.

One of my favorites on the list in Austin is the Hawaiian Falls water park. This is a little collage of my fam when we last went.

Hawaiian Falls water park in Austin

Right off the bat, in Austin, there are several places we know and love, and will plan to go to anyway, and several others that are new to us, and I’m excited to try out on a long summer day!

We already love:

  1. Hawaiian Falls water park
  2. Austin Park & Pizza (1 visit a MONTH for a YEAR is covered with the pass!)
  3. Urban Trampoline Park? Yes, please!
  4. Austin Sports Arena for the girls to skate…so excited! (2 visits a month)

With all of this, the cost of the POGO Pass is just barely above the cost of the water park alone, with so many other things to see and do as a bonus!

Now, here is some basic info:

  • Each pass is $124.95, but using the coupon code {capturingjoy}, they will automatically be 60% off making them $49.98 each. Woohoo!
  • One pass is needed per city (So I need to buy an Austin pass and if I want, one in San Antonio and another Dallas pass if I want there, it doesn’t apply to all cities with one).
  • One pass is needed per individual (my family needs 6)
  • Pass is valid for one year from date of purchase.
  • Pass is available for immediate use after purchase by pulling up via smartphone, or printing. (You can take a screen shot with your phone for easy access)
  • As new venues are added they will be included on the pass regardless of when the pass was purchased. What you see now…there likely will be more as time goes by!
  • There are certain restrictions listed on the website, and differing ways to reserve the sporting events, so read the fine print at each place.
  • There is a gift card option. The year does not start on these until it is activated by the receiver.

Are you convinced?!?

When you jump on over to the POGO Pass site, don’t forget to enter the code: capturingjoy for your discount!

Here is what you currently get on the Austin POGO Pass:

POGO Pass AUSTIN summer funNot in Austin? See the hot spots in the other cities, by checking out POGO Pass on their site.

**Though I’m collaborating with POGO Pass to bring you this info, these opinions are 100% my own, this is an awesome deal!

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