Teaching Girls Inner Beauty

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One of my biggest goals as a mother is Teaching Girls Inner Beauty, and how they can develop and improve upon these skills.  I’ve often heard to not always complement girls on their looks and how pretty they are, but to also make sure to comment on how smart, kind, thoughtful, and graceful they are, too. THIS is what builds these qualities even more, when adults and peers recognize these good qualities, mention them, and they in turn aim to emulate.

Teaching inner beauty to teens

I recently stumbled upon this article: 11 Traits That Make A Woman Beautiful (And They Have Nothing To Do With Looks) and wanted to make a print of the points mentioned, to hang on my girls bathroom mirror so they can remember this. I want to read through the article with them, so they can KNOW where true beauty comes from.

I feel grateful that in our faith, the girls 12-18 are taught a set of different but similar values in a theme they recite each week, called the Young Women’s theme. I grew up reciting it each Sunday, and the words often echo through my mind as I go about my day, and still do. I’ll have to share more about that another day.

I think we all need visuals and reminders of what is important, and what to aspire to.

So many of the above are important to me, but KINDNESS is something I’ve always emphasized with my kids. Look out for the lonely, befriend those that need it, stick up for others. THAT is true beauty. It’s not always easy, but so so important.

Click on the links below to download and print the designs above:

how_to_be_beautiful BLUE and GREEN

how_to_be_beautiful PINK and YELLOW

Which word above sticks out to you the most?? I’d love to hear!

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