Teen Life Skills before Moving Out

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A list of teen life skills your teen needs to know before moving out

My 18 year old son just moved out, and before he did, I was honored to interview him about being ready to launch. I wanted to know, was he ready? Had I prepared him all that I needed to? I was about to find out!

Here is a sampling list of questions I asked him that includes some teen life skills that really everyone should know as they are launching into the adult world.

Teen Life Skills

  1. Do your own laundry
  2. Prepare a few meals
  3. Sew on a Button
  4. Change a car Tire
  5. Know how to turn off Braker
  6. Change a baby Diaper
  7. Make Your own Dr. appointments

To listen to our conversation, tune into episode 76 of the Beyond Good Intentions podcast. Listen on itunes, Spotify, or just click the PLAY button below!

We talk about weekly teen related topics on my Instagram page, @KristenDukeChats where the community weighs in, and shares their experience as well. If you missed a topic, check the highlight bubbles on Instagram.


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