Thanksgiving Conversation Questions

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Do you want to have a more meaningful conversation with your family at Thanksgiving dinner? These Thanksgiving Conversation Questions go deeper than the generic “What are you thankful for?” questions.

Thanksgiving Conversation Questions Gratitude Table Topics


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Ideas For USE

  • Cut them into strips and put them into a jar to pull from.
  • Print one for each person and everyone can pick a few questions to answer.
  • Have a candy jar and each candy of a different color or kind represents a question. (Example: purple skittle equals odd questions.)
Thanksgiving Conversation Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure everyone participates in the discussion?

Encourage active listening and ensure everyone has a chance to share their thoughts. You can go around the table or use techniques like a “talking stick” to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Can children participate in Thanksgiving conversation questions?

Yes, you can tailor the questions to be age-appropriate for children, encouraging them to share their thoughts and experiences as well.

How do I introduce conversation questions at my Thanksgiving gathering?

You can simply pose a question to the group and encourage everyone to take turns sharing their thoughts or stories related to the topic. Alternatively, you can write the questions on cards and have participants draw them randomly.

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