Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

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Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! Whether we have dinner at home, or head out of town, it’s fun to bring along these free printable Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props.  They are a fun way to keep dinner guests of all ages busy while waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven.

Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

Thanksgiving Photo Props

Photo props are always a fun addition to the holiday festivities.  I love them and love the memories we will make with them.

Here are a few of the props being enjoyed by my kids and my friends kids:

Thanksgiving Photo booth props

For the hats…if you look at my older daughters, you can see that I made a white strip of paper to go around her head, not on the stick, and it was fun to wear! You can do the same with the pilgrim hat.

>>>>>>There are multiple pages of the props, Download props here to print:

pumpkin and mustaches

happy thanksgiving signs

turkey and food

indian feathers

girl pilgrim hat and collar

boy pilgrim hat and collar

Want more Thanksgiving Activities for Kids?


Jokes for kids! Great for the table setting or lunches, or tape around the house: Thanksgiving Jokes
Thanksgiving jokes

Thanksgiving color page placemat

Thanksgiving Activity color page placemat


Turkey Placecards

Thanksgiving Turkey Placecards


Turkey Song Print

Thanksgiving Printables

The second printed version of the song on the same link has more pictures, visually helping younger kids learn the words.

I pulled all of these 5 Thanksgiving Activities for kids into a fun little video that you can currently view on my Facebook page, and I’ll add here below soon. Print them all off, and let the kids play while you chat with adults or finish meal preparations on Thanksgiving!

I’m so grateful for Kiki and her talent in creating the photo booth props for me, we are working through all of the holidays! Find more of her creative goodness at Kiki Creates.

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