#031 Katie Lowe // Tips for Parenting Teens

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Katie just graduated from high school, and I think she has some great tips for parenting teens! As she embarks on college life, she reflects back on how she was able to cultivate a great relationship with her parents, which I think is excellent insight for any parent out there.

From social media to choosing friends to the birds and the bee’s talk with her parents, we cover the whole gamut, and I know that both teens and adults will love what she has to say.

parenting teens

{Erica Woodford Photography}

At the beginning of the episode, I mention that I knew Katie way back when she was 2, when our families did a babysitting swap. Here she is with a handful of boys, she held her own then, and still going strong now!

babysitting swap

A few years ago when my Cali was into Angelina Ballerina, and we had a ballerina birthday party, I asked Katie to come and teach the girls some moves! Click on the link to see more!

ballerina birthday party

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from our chat:

“No amount of validation on social media will measure up to what happens in the real world.”

“Seek to understand before you’re understood.”

“Hearing adults challenges brings me hope, it’s a success story, because they made it through!”

“Teens: Cultivate self confidence.”

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