Tooth Fairy Receipt Free Printable

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Hey there! It’s Jessika from Hip and Simple again. I’m created a Tooth Fairy Receipt Free Printable that I’m sharing with you today.

Tooth Fairy Receipt Free Printable

One thing I love about having young kids and a little family of my own, is that we get to create our own traditions. There are things my parents did when we were kids that will stick with me forever. It is so fun to take ideas from both my family and my husband’s and also create our own new traditions. One thing I want is to make life moments, like losing a tooth, fun and memorable without being too expensive or outrageous. I created this tooth fairy receipt free printable for such occasions.

Tooth Fairy Receipt Free Printable

Imagine how fun it would be for your child to find this under their pillow after leaving their tooth for the tooth fairy! It’s gender neutral and a simple print and cut. Plus a nice little reminder about keeping your teeth healthy!

There are 3 fun, coordinating designs.

Tooth Fairy Receipt

You can download your own 8×10 copy Tooth Fairy Receipt Free Printable

What new traditions have you started with your family?

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