Episode #005: Brooke Ulrich // Teaching Kids the Value of Hard Work

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“I’m not the most popular mom on the street when it comes to kids and electronics.”

Brooke is a friend I met through blogging 6 years ago, and she has the kindest heart. We haven’t had much one-on-one time over the course of our friendship in the past few years, so it was really fun for me to hear about her life growing up in a small town on a FARM! That is just always so fascinating to me, to hear about how others grow up, so differently from me.

She talks about how she learned the value of hard work and how she aims to instill that in her kids, though they aren’t raising them on a farm. She shares the challenges of raising two babies a year apart WHILE getting her masters degree, so IMPRESSIVE, but of course, hard.

She has some GREAT thoughts on the cell phone with kids conversation, which was a kick in the pants to me about how I need to change some things up with my children.


I’m a little bummed that we had a shaky connection at times while on our phone call, and you may notice that here and there, but I felt like it was minor enough that it wouldn’t bother many, and crossing my fingers that’s the case. If you don’t yet know Brooke, you’ll see her MANY amazing home projects on her site, All Things Thrify.com, she is a HANDY tool-weilding gal!

Listen here:

Remember to check out Brooke’s site, AllThingsThrifty.com if you want to stretch your creative skills a bit. I’d also love you to hop on over to this post on Instagram and Facebook and give Brooke some LOVE by telling her what you heard on this episode that inspired you or just something you loved learning. You can also refer to episode #5 with Brooke in an iTunes review.

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Teaching Kids the Value of Hard Work

Here are some pictures of Brooke and some friends at a blog conference in 2013, I’m laying my head on her in both pics…haha!

And here is a picture of Brooke as a child on the farm!



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  1. Malorie Pope says:

    I’ve noticed that a lot of women you have interviewed read their kids text messages or take their phones at night. They say it’s to “protect” their children when in fact I think it is harmful. Controlling kids is not protection. I feel as parents we best “protect” our children when we teach them and then we teach them again. Knowledge is power. Like everything else phones and social media can be used for good or ill. We should teach our children how to responsibly use our phones and social media by our example and by simply teaching them and letting them have agency. Do you think that suddenly when they leave your home they’ll know how to handle having their phone at all times? They won’t. They need to practice self control with their phone etc while they live with us so they can master it and we can help them when they have questions. I know exactly why kids have other social media accounts that they hide from parents. They need something that is their own that no one is checking up on or reading and they only do this because someone is taking their phone. My guess is that if they were taught what was appropriate to share and the dangers of phones and social media as well as the good and then they were allowed to choose they would generally choose the right and they wouldn’t feel the need to hide things from parents nor would parents need to check their phones every night. Of course in order to teach someone there has to be a relationship for them to be receptive but that’s another topic.

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