You’re Sweet, Happy Valentine’s Day Printable

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Jen here from Elevate Everyday and I’m sharing a super cute printable designed by my sweet friend, Courtney from Paperelli.

Printable for Valentine's DayI found these little mailboxes a couple years ago at Target in the $1 section and had to grab one for each of my kids. (they still have them this year, too)

love notes printableDuring the beginning of February I will leave them little treats. It differs year to year, depending on how on top of it I am. Sometimes they get a treat for 14 days up to Valentine’s Day and other times they get a treat on Valentine’s Day.

you are sweet printableEasy steps.
Click here to Print.
Grab a ziploc bag.
Fill with fun candy.

you're sweet valentine's day printableAnd you have a cute treat to give to your kids, neighbors, friends, teachers.

Printable for Valentines DayMy kids love when that red flag goes up and they have mail. They think it’s so fun to do grown up things. Grab the mail, unlock the car, put the dishes away, make the bed…I wonder how much longer this will last 🙂

Cute Valentine's Day PrintableCheck out Paperelli’s cute shop, she’s got a bunch of fun Valentine’s cards in stock!
Thanks Kristen for having us!

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