#022 Treating Anxiety with Nuerofeedback

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I’m so so excited to share the interview with my dear friend Laurie! She and I met in college, but I was actually friends with her husband FIRST. We may chat a little bit more about her love story than I normally would with others, because I was THERE for it! It’s a great story!

Laurie grew up in a very small town on a Hawaiian Island with 2000 people, but is raising her family in Montana–how fun is that?? I loved hearing about her growing up years, and We also talked a lot about how she was a teenager bride, what her parents thought about that, and what they think NOW, after they’ve been married 19 years.

I’m grateful Laurie was willing to talk about Nuerofeedback Therapy as a treatment for Anxiety, because I really think others hearing this will find it helpful. I’m quite fascinated by it myself!

Listen along to this episode to hear all about her life, parenting, and of course a discussion on electronics and social media with teens.  She also shares about a late pregnancy mis-carriage, and how she and her family dealt with her passing.


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The Happyness Project by Gretchen Rubin

QUIET by Susan Cain


Family game: Pass the Pigs

Quote on the wall: We can do Hard Things

Scripture: Ether 12:27 Your weakness can become a strength


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  1. Treating a person with anxiety depends on the causes of the anxiety and individual preferences. Often, treatments will consist of a combination of psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and medication.

    Alcohol dependence, depression, or other conditions can sometimes have such a strong effect on the individual that treating the anxiety disorder must wait until any underlying conditions are brought under control.

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