Don’t Eat a Poinsettia: Silly Holiday Song

If you’re looking for a fun and silly holiday song, look no further! Don’t Eat a Poinsettia will surely make you and your kids laugh together. My 4th grade daughter was in choir at school,… Continue Reading

Silent Night

Teach your kids the lyrics to the Christmas song Silent Night with this animated print.  It will help kids of any age learn all three verses. >>>>Print SILENT NIGHT here: Silent Night PDF I originally shared… Continue Reading

Free Online Address Book

With this easy to follow tutorial, you can create your own free online address book to use year after year for your Christmas cards, invitations, and announcements. Every year, around this time, I struggle to… Continue Reading

#47 Parenting with Faith

I am so excited about this 3 part podcast series of interviews I’m sharing today. This episode is a bit different than normal.  This week, we don’t go in depth about how they were raised… Continue Reading

Away in a Manger Print

Teach your kids the lyrics to the Christmas song Away in a Manger with this clever print.  It has images and words to help kids of any age learn all three verses. Nothing helps you… Continue Reading

#46 Faith in Every Footstep

Listen in as a Baptist and a “Mormon” talk about faith. Naomi is one of my dearest friends. She’s lived across the street from me for nearly 9 years, and we have formed a friendship… Continue Reading

#45 Parenting Mistakes Don’t Define You

When I read Melissa’s story on Instagram, I was crossing my fingers that she’d be willing to share it on the podcast. I’m so grateful she said yes! I am ALSO grateful for her bravery,… Continue Reading

How to Take Better Pictures

If you want to learn How to Take Better Pictures, then this info is for YOU! Two years ago I introduced the Camera Academy for Moms , a video tutorial course with 30 lessons on how… Continue Reading

#44 Grateful Even When Grumpy

How to be grateful even when  grumpy. In this Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast episode I’m exploring my thoughts on this very topic, and sharing how I felt too grumpy to be grateful, and how… Continue Reading

Listen with Your Eyes

A reminder to “Be Attentive” when someone is talking to you, this fun Listen with Your Eyes printable is good for kids and parents alike. I heard this phrase, “listen with your eyes” years ago,… Continue Reading

#43 Lisa // Life is Hard, Don’t Wait for Happiness

Lisa has a heart that wants to share. I so appreciate that. She listened to me mentioning in a previous episode that people have a hard time sharing HARD THINGS in life, and that some… Continue Reading