Preserve the Relationship

How we preserve the relationship with our teens comes directly with our behavior and how we treat them now. I know the above print might not make sense, but just listen or read my thoughts… Continue Reading

Teens and Social Media

Sharing my best tips for how to help guide Teens and Social Media. How to Help Teens Navigate Social Media Social media is a big part of the teen culture today. Most of the teens… Continue Reading

Service Ideas for Kids

Sharing a printable checklist of service ideas for kids ranging from big and small, at home or outside of the home. Family Service Projects What do you think of when you think of the word… Continue Reading

4th of July Picture Ideas

Here are some 4th of July Picture Ideas to share, fun to take and use the photos as decoration year after year. 4th of July Pictures I’ve always had a little beef with the 4th… Continue Reading

Father’s Day Gift: My Dad Can Fix Anything

This Father’s Day gift will warm the heart of any father out there. Of course they want their kids to know that they are willing to fix whatever it is that is broken. My Dad… Continue Reading

Adversity Quote: Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt

I love this Adversity Quote: Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt. Print off this quote and coloring page to hang in your home and act as a reminder to your children. Talk to your kids… Continue Reading

Caring for Seniors in our Community

I hope to teach my kids that caring for seniors in our community is something that will help them think outside of themselves and focus on others. I’m often trying to think of ways to… Continue Reading

Teaching Kids Body Confidence

Amber is a health coach at Biceps After Babies and shares encouragement that you can choose to live a healthy lifestyle at any age. AND you don’t have to sacrifice the foods you love either. … Continue Reading

Survivors Guilt after Childhood Leukemia

Survivors guilt can stem from any variety of traumatic situations, and will take a good amount of resiliency and self awareness to combat those thoughts. In this episode of the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast,… Continue Reading

Talking with a Therapist about Anxiety and Self Care

Leigh is a therapist specializing in Women’s health. In this podcast episode, we talk a lot about self care as well as anxiety which plagues so many people young and adult alike. She says, “Depletion… Continue Reading

Free Checklist

Download this free checklist for any occasion. Print it off and make your list! All Occasion checklist Recently I was searching for a free checklist online and I couldn’t find one anywhere! I liked the… Continue Reading