Halloween Knock Knock Jokes

Halloween knock knock jokes are a hit with kids of all ages.  Print these out to put in their lunch boxes for a fun surprise all October long.  Or you can make extra copies to… Continue Reading

Halloween Costumes for Teen Boys

10 Halloween Costuems for Teen Boys that are simple to make and easy to throw together last minute.  And your teenager will love them!   Have you started thinking about Halloween costumes yet? I’m always… Continue Reading

Helping Kids with Pornography Addiction

In order to help our kids prevent a pornography addiction, there are some wonderful measures and resources, but also action steps to take if they fall into the pornography trap. Personal Internal Filter There are… Continue Reading

Missionary Open House Ideas

Planning for a missionary open house can feel daunting with all of the other details involved with sending a missionary off to serve, so I aimed to keep it simple.  Here are some of the… Continue Reading

Be an Upstander

In order to prevent bullying on a bigger scale, we need to teach our kids to be an upstander and what that means. Bullying in it’s many shapes and forms is heartbreaking. We’d like to… Continue Reading

Memorize the Ten Commandments

This ten commandment printable helps make them easy to memorize.  Learning the Ten Commandments for kids is a great way to share the message of the 10 commandments with your family. This ten commandments printable… Continue Reading

Back to School Dinner: Better Together

Plan a back to school dinner for your family with the “Better Together” theme focusing on your family as a TEAM. I’m a big fan of the back to school dinner. I’ve been doing it… Continue Reading

Open When Letters for Missionaries

Send your missionary off with these heartfelt “open when” letters to open when they need extra strength. My son just departed last week to be a Christian missionary for a two years.  After 6 weeks… Continue Reading

Teen Life Skills before Moving Out

A list of teen life skills your teen needs to know before moving out My 18 year old son just moved out, and before he did, I was honored to interview him about being ready… Continue Reading

Preserve the Relationship

How we preserve the relationship with our teens comes directly with our behavior and how we treat them now. I know the above print might not make sense, but just listen or read my thoughts… Continue Reading

Simplifying your Family Schedule

I think we can all agree about the importance of simplifying the family schedule, but we often don’t know how exactly to do that! We want our kids to be well rounded and exposed to… Continue Reading