10 Intentional Ways to Bring your Family Closer Together

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I’m SO excited to share this FREE 12 page e-book, 10 Intentional Ways to Bring your Family Closer Together.  I share with you in hopes you’ll find some things you want to do with your family.

10 Intentional Ways to Bring your Family Closer Together free e-book


I’m all about traditions and activities that bond us as a family. It’s those seemingly subtle and simple things that build memories for our kids, and give them happy thoughts about their childhood, which in turn gives them confidence and stability to be a leader and boost their self esteem.

There is so much in this world that puts a wedge between us, even the “good” stuff like weekly kids activities. I realized long ago, that I need to be INTENTIONAL if I want our family close, and by doing those things that keep us having fun, and aware of each others’ needs through regular conversation and activities.  I feel blessed that through doing these things, I can truly say that our family IS close. My kids are best friends, and I’m hoping as they get older, it will continue in that direction.

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This e-book is meant to put a bug in your ear, to be thoughtful, discuss with your spouse, and decide on one thing that you can do NOW, and let the others come over time. Maybe pick 1 or 2 a month to implement, because doing them all at once might just be crazy. I’ve introduced them little by little with my family.

One idea is to map it out on a calendar. Write a goal for the month, for the next 6-10 months, and add what you’d like to incorporate into your family.  Some ideas may be tricky to introduce, some will be easier.

If you want a close family bad enough, you gotta fight for it. It’s worth the growing pains.

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