11 Camping Hacks for Large Families

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I love a good campout with the family, and for most of the US, camping is great in the summertime, but in Texas, we like March and November best. I thought it would be fun to put together some camping hacks for large families. The walking tacos are my favorite!Camping with a large family can be a lot of work. With these camping hacks you and your family can enjoy camping together! | Capturing-Joy.com

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Camping Food Ideas for Large Families


These on the go sandwiches are easy to make ahead of time. Great idea for an easy dinner for large families.

Tips for camping with large families. Prepare as much of the food as you can ahead of time.

You can even get your s’more ingredients ready ahead of time!

S'more campfire cones are fun and easy to make!

Or make these awesome campfire cones ahead of time for a yummy and easy camping dessert idea!

These easy walking tacos are a great family camping dinner.

Walking tacos are a fun and easy camping dinner idea. Clean up is easy and you can cook the meat and chop veggies ahead of time.

Camping Activities for Large Families


Make these easy tennis paddles to play balloon tennis.

Make a paddle for every member of the family and try to keep a balloon from hitting the ground. Or play a fun game of balloon tennis.

easy tic tac toe game. You can make these while camping or have them done before.

Some family members will need some quite one on one time. This simple rock tick tack toe game is a great way to have fun in a smaller group.

Camping themed story stones for a fun camping activity.

These story stones would be a great way to help younger kids get involved with stories around the campfire. Have them pull a stone from a bag and add something to the story based on the stone they pull!

Fun camping activity. Water gun races!

Water gun cup races are another fun camping activity the kids will enjoy!


Keep these first aid kits on hand. When camping there's bound to be a need for basic first aid supplies.

These homemade first aid kits are great to keep on hand when camping. There’s bound to be a need for basic first aid supplies. Make a couple and keep one at your camp site, in the car, and in your hiking gear.

Make these DIY fire starters so making campfires is easy.

With large families making meals over a fire can be a lot of work. These DIY campfire starters will make it easier!

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets!

DIY mosquito repellent bracelets are a camping life saver!

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