#19 Crystal Escobar // From Living in a Tent to Making a Million

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If you haven’t heard me say this before, it’s quite a challenge for me to figure out how to NAME each podcast interview. We talk for nearly a full hour, about the span of their ENTIRE life thus far, and I have to pick one little part out of it that is a big ATTENTION GRABBING or unique, even though we may only touch on that part for a bit of the conversation.

Yes, it’s true, she lived in a tent for a time as a child, and on a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii, how fascinating is that??? She shares about her blended family, her parents divorce, and her teenage years where she caused her mom maybe a little grief.

Parenting Tips From living in a tent to making a Million

She then shares about her business with her husband and how they made their first million before age 30. But of course the majority of our chat was about parenting. The utter heart wrenching decision as to when to STOP having kids, one I can completely relate to, and how she isn’t sure if she is “done” yet.

She speaks about co-sleeping, getting her tubes tied, relying on inspiration, and blaming herself for a birth defect of one of her kids.

I also LOVED the advice she gave wrapped around her favorite books.

Podcast: Better than Happy

I hope you will join me over on Instagram and share your favorite part, Crystal will be there reading along as well, it’s always fun to hear what sticks out to others from the convo, give her some LOVE!

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I hope you were able to take some tidbits from my chat with Crystal and implement them into your life, and take your parenting Beyond just Good Intentions.

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If you are new to the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast, I encourage you to scroll through the titles and summaries of the other episode interviews, so many great conversations on parenting.

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