5 Beach Photography Tips

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5 Beach Photography Tips

Taking pictures at the beach is a bit of a different ballgame than regular outdoor photography.  Here are some beach photography tips to help make your beach photos a success.

Beach Photography Tips

Our family just got back from spending a few days at the beach and I thought it’d be great to share some tips for taking pictures at the beach with your slr camera.  Because there are a few things I think are important to share! Here are some beach photography tips I think everyone should have!

We all love to capture the joy and the fun moments that happen on family adventures, and for me, it’s hard to put my camera down! I do attempt to snap a bunch of shots, then play myself, here are some of my best tips for beach photos.

Beach Photography Tip #1

Pick a lens and stick with it. DO NOT change your camera lenses out in the windy, salty, sandy air. If any of that gets on the inside of your camera, it would be very bad. If you NEED to change lenses, go back to your car and switch. I have two camera bodies, so when I shoot portraits on the beach, I will pop on two different lenses. But when I go with my family, I just use my 35mm lens. I wrote an entire post about my love for the 35mm, feel free to check it out!

Beach Photography Tip #2

Capturing action in all it’s forms. The beach is for playing, don’t waste too much time getting your kids to “say cheese” but capture the essence of their play.

beach photography

Beach Photography Tip #3

If you want to take portraits at the beach, the most beautiful light (and less harsch) will be the hour before the sun goes down. Of course you can take them all day long, but if you want optimal light, check that out. (See my post on Backlit pictures)

Beach Photography Tip #4

Expose for the sky for silhouette’s. The beach is a great spot to take a perfect silhouette shot, because the background is unobstructed. For best results, set your camera settings, as if you are going to snap a picture of the bright sky. Then get down low, and focus on your models, and snap. For more tips on taking silhouette shots, click on that link!

couple silhouette on beach

Beach Photography Tip #5

The beach at mid day is SUPER bright, plan on crazy fast shutter! My settings are generally at ISO 100 with a shutter of up to 1/2000 on a really bright day.

So there you have it, Tips for taking pictures at the beach! Did I miss anything??

If you want some fun and creative picture ideas for the beach, check out this post! (click on image)

Creative beach picture ideas

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