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Hey everybody! I’m Tam from Sew Dang Cute Crafts, and I’m so excited to be here today as part of Kristen’s “Decorating with Portraits” series. I’ve really been enjoying this series so far and seeing how others’ decorate with portraits, haven’t you? So many great ideas!
I’m probably best known for the “Crafting with the Stars” competition {the theme for Round 1 and pairings (Stars/Contestants) were just announced today BTW). That’s actually how I met Kristen, when she was a contestant in Season 1. My blog is also full of tutorials and projects that are mostly DIY and sewing, however I do venture out of my comfort zone every now and then in other areas – even paper crafting.
I love having portraits displayed around my home. It’s so fun to see pictures of my family everywhere I turn, and makes my home truly mine.
At the beginning of this year we did some remodeling. Suddenly I had this massive wall without any windows or doors to break it up. This worked out well because it was the perfect spot for this shelf I’ve been wanting for the longest time (thanks to Cheri of I am Momma – Hear Me Roar).
Let’s take a closer look at the actual picture part.
Spray-painted frames and a DIY Collage Frame. The whole thing adds so much warmth and character to our family room.
I also like to throw in an occasional photo in with my bookshelves décor.
Or in this case, I used a photo canvas.
In my opinion, hallways are the perfect spot for portraits.
This hallway’s display has changed numerous times (mostly due to additions to our family). With four kids now, this is how it currently looks.
In my basement hallway, I have vintage-style photographs of each of my kids at 6-months.
It’s fun to see the differences between each of them at the same age.
Of course I don’t have my littlest guy’s done yet, since he’s only 2 months old, but in a few months his will be there as well.
Well that’s a little of how I’ve personalized my home with portraits. Thanks so much for having me Kristen and letting me part of such an amazing series! Please come visit me over at Sew Dang Cute Crafts.
Happy Decorating!!!
{Thanks, Tam!  I got to meet her last May (and took her cute profile pic above) and it was so much fun after heading to her blog for the crafting competition she holds.  It’s a really fun event to be a part of! I love that fun frame on her shelf, and the themed baby pics in the basement….thanks for sharing your ideas.  I also love that she said her family portraits made her home “hers.”  Go to her blog and check out the current competition!}
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