7 Crafts to beat the I’m Bored Blues

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Hi! I’m Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. (It’s an acronym for Creating Really Awesome Free Things). Kristen and I are practically neighbors living it up in beautiful (and super hot) Austin, TX. I really do love our city, but just a word to the wise, summer is not the best time to visit Austin, TX unless you’re in the water! Oh and if you are thinking about visiting our awesome city, here are 10 fun, free, family friendly things to do in Austin!

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

While Kristen and her cute fam are traveling to Ghana to visit the grandparents (how awesome is that?!) I’m here to share 7 crafts to keep the kiddos entertained when the inevitable, “I’m bored, mom!” strikes again! Here are 7 fun and fairly simple ideas for kids all of ages to enjoy!Creating Really Awesome Free Things

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Really Awesome Costumes

1. Use paint markers to jazz up any pair of plain shoes!Homemade Christmas Gifts

2. Make an interactive travel map with your kids! You’ll need a cork board and a Dremel tool.

travel map  Jamie Dorobek

3. Get a major head start and make Halloween costumes this summer! Here are 34 DIY kid Halloween costumes!

34 DIY Kid Halloween Costume Ideas

4. Stepping stones are a fun craft to do with kids that will also add a little pizzaz to your yard!

How to make stepping stones

5. Tie Dye your nails, seriously. It’s easy!

Things to do this summer

6. For the little guys, no mess art! It’s a favorite around Casa de Dorobek!

No mess art for toddlers!

7. Personalize your walls with a state map made out of foam board and an old map!

Cute dorm room ideas

For anyone looking to take a road trip this summer, I have a giant list of 10 fun, free, family friendly things to do in 30+ cities across the United States! And on the road trip note, here are tips for traveling with babies in cars and easy ideas to entertain kids on road trips!

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