American Flag Donut Wall for Eagle Scout

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American Flag Donut Wall for Eagle Scout was such a blast to put together. Great for any patriotic holiday like the 4th of July, but I made it for my son’s Eagle Scout awards ceremony.How to make an American Flag Donut wall for Eagle Scout award

American Flag Donut Wall for Eagle Scout was a blast to pull together. My son got his Eagle Scout award…hooray! I celebrated him by making a giant American Flag Donut Wall in his honor, and I’m here to share it all with you today. Plan ahead for your July 4th party or another patriotic event and WOW your guests right from the start! {Originally posted this 5/27/16, updated 5/2017}

If you remember when I shared about our family travel to Ghana Africa last summer, you may recall reading about his Eagle Scout Project building soccer goals at an orphanage there. Well, since last summer, I’ve been pestering, threatening, gritting my teeth, you name it…to urge my son to just get it all finished already, and earn your Eagle Scout! The day finally arrived, and I needed to celebrate (because you may know, I love a good party) with something BIG! I was going to have my cake lady make a cake, but then I stumbled upon a donut wall that I fell in love with, and schemed up an American Flag Donut Wall, and I just couldn’t let the idea go. Luckily, my husband loves me, and was willing to help me with this project. Thankfully, because I don’t have the patience to measure like he does, and this was a major measuring job!

Hanging donuts on nails for American Flag Wall

{My husband took some stealth pictures of assembly, love him for that!}

Let me add that I’ve partnered with my local grocery story, HEB for this post.

H-E-B Texas grocery store

I first discovered that they can frost donuts in custom colors back for my son’s soccer birthday party 3 years ago! I forgot until earlier this year, and as it turns out, I was searching Eagle Scout cakes on the same day that I stumbled upon a donut wall, and BAM! I had the idea to make an American Flag Donut Wall for Eagle Scout. I got so excited at the idea, I could hardly contain myself. Here I am, squeezing my son with excitement, barely containing myself.

And really, at $7 a dozen, I got over 200 donuts for $77 which is quite amazing to feed that many people.

Mother and Eagle Scout with American Flag Doughnut Wall

Since my 3 boys were wearing their scout shirts, I thought my girls and I just had to be festive for the occasion and dress in Americana ourselves. I mean, it’s only right.

Patriotic Family Pictures in Red White Blue and Scout

Some may or may not know that I have a slight obsession with planning what to wear in family pictures, and I’ll coordinate Team Duke any chance I get!

Eagle Scout and Siblings

How to Make a Donut Wall

It’s fairly simple in concept, just some time and patience needed.

How to Make Donut Wall American Flag

Supplies for the donut wall:

  • 8 ft by 4 ft 3/4 inch melamine ($36)
  • 180 wood screws, 2.5 inch length ($9 box, 3 boxes)
  • measured 4 1/8 inch apart
  • Donuts slightly smaller than 4 inches
  • Trimmed of excess: Roughly 14 inches off end, 6 inches off bottom

*Measured, then pre drilled all holes with a bit slightly smaller than the screws, then screwed the nails in JUST enough that it’s in tight, but not going through the other side. Also trying to keep them all even. My husband is AMAZING!  Total working time in garage: 3 hours (Excludes a few trips to the store!)

Some visual pictures:

Drilling holes for american flag donut wall

This board was really heavy, but I loved the white and smooth finish, I didn’t feel like messing with paint or possible splintered wood when I was putting donuts on top.

My kids helped put up the donuts once we got to our church, where the court of honor would be held. It was quite warm in there at first, and I worried the donuts would melt! It’s been very very humid in Texas lately!

American Flag Donut Wall Assembly

My kids are serious awesome helpers, and who wouldn’t love the satisfaction of hanging donuts in a pattern?!?  The joy is written all over my face, seeing my vision become a reality.

American Flag Doughtnut Wall Assembly

Though we’d meet in the middle gymnasium, I wanted to assemble and take some pictures in the foyer area, to get some great natural light, but of course it was stinkin’ crazy overcast and dark outside, so I really didn’t get pretty light pictures as I’d hoped. I guess you guys will all have to survive without that.

After assembly was complete, we commenced our family pictures portion of the night. My dad was our right hand photographer (and my hubby’s face….he’s funny)

Family Pictures with American Flag Donut Wall and Boy Scouts of America

My dad is such a great cheerleader, was with us in Ghana for the project, and gave a really excellent (and long) speech honoring my son, Tyler. I started to record it, then it stopped, but hoping to have him type it out soon. Tyler is my parents oldest grandchild, so many firsts…

Tyler and grandpa

Here’s a snap just before the smile for my husband and I…love my kids smiles.

Family Pictures just before a smile

Handful of random pics, including the yellow mustang that my mom drove for over 10 years. She was represented well.

Yellow Mustang

My strong boys carried in the American Flag Donut Wall, and I just love a good action shot, so here ya go:

carrying American Flag Doughnut wall

(all the while I’m chanting…”please don’t fall over, please don’t fall over…”)

Setting up Donut Display table

American Flag Donut Wall Display for Eagle Scout

The display to the side was some pictures of Tyler and his projects, some adorable pictures I found of him at 8 years old for his Pinewood Derby, etc.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor Table display

Soaring Eagle for Cub Scout awardI mean…melt my heart at this younger pic of him.

cub scout saluting the American flag

Back to the event…I’m so grateful that a bunch of Tyler’s friends came out to support him. One in his troop, others are friends from school, neighborhood, and bible study seminary class (early morning that I teach).

Friends at Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Support from good friends means so much to me, and I’m so grateful for these friends that he’s made. I also had a few dear friends come just to support, and some that snapped pictures of me getting pinned, too.

Eagle Scout pinning mom

He had to give a mini speech, which is not his most comfortable thing to do, but it made my heart happy to watch him.

Eagle Scout Be Prepared

Someone asked on my instagram post if the donuts actually got eaten….of COURSE they did!!!  And just like cutting into a gorgeous custom cake is painful, so is the disassembling of my creation, I was sad to see it go…but it had to happen. The American Flag Donut Wall for Eagle Scout was a big hit, and always will be in my heart.

Eating American Flag Donut Wall

Here are a few items you might have seen in the post that I got from Amazon.

So grateful to be the mother of Tyler. I could gush all day about him, his leadership in our home, kindness to his siblings, integrity, selfless-ness, hard worker, dedicated, disciplined. There have been times that I’ve worried about him being quieter, but I see so much of his dad in him, and that’s a big thing that attracted me to him, so I’ve let go of that, and look at all of his strengths. I’ve been so grateful to have this past year as his seminary teacher (5:45 am Bible study class each day before high school). It’s been a blessing that has strengthened our relationship tenfold, and his assistance and waking up early with me, and helping me rearrange chairs and set up stuff, all without complaining ONE BIT, just impresses me so much.  It’s such a delight to watch him grow up, and did you notice I had to stand on my toes for that hugging picture? Yep, officially taller than me! I love every step of the journey with this boy!

Eagle Scout with American Flag Donut Wall

Thanks for joining in this day, feel free to pin or share the American Flag Donut Wall for Eagle Scout with your friends, they may want to build one for the upcoming Patriotic holidays!

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

What do you think? Are you ready to build a donut wall???

{Disclaimer: Though HEB provided compensation via store gift cards, all opinions are my own. I LOVE that I can customize the frosting to match my celebrations!}

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