What to Wear in Family Pictures by Color

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What to Wear in Family Pictures by Color is a question I’m asked all the time as a family photographer. And deciding what to wear can be a big pain. So, I have a formula I like to start with that I want to share with you!

How to decide what color to wear in Family PicturesWhat to Wear in Family Pictures by Color starts with just picking 2-3 colors that make you happy…or match your decor…or something you haven’t done before. It can be a challenge to put together clothes for a family in pictures, especially if you’ve got a bigger family.  The more people, the more shuffling of layers you have to do.  I’ve shared some tips in the past about What to Wear and How to plan for family pictures, in talking about how to put pieces together, where to go for inspiration, locations, etc. This post and series is all about certain colors, and once you get an idea in your head of what color you want to START with, you will then come to these posts to see what other colors would go with it.

Each year when we take pictures, I generally have one “pop of color” in mind. I’ll start with something like yellow, then try to decide what to pair it with.  It could be blue, or gray, or orange. Any of those will look great, but in this series, you will have a great visual of certain colors, and how they pair with other colors to help you decide how you want to style your own family picture clothes.


Picture Outfits by Color

Are you ready to see some examples for What to Wear in Family Pictures by Color? Pick a color below (if you want to see them all, click to open a new tab).

Set 1

What to wear in family pictures


Set 2

What to wear in family Pictures


Set 3

what to wear for family pictures


Set 4

What to wear in Family Pictures


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