American Tourister Luggage Giveaway

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I am working on my first post about Ghana, but in the meantime, I’m so excited to have a giveaway, haven’t had one on the blog for quite a while. I’ve got one cherry colored American Tourister iLite Xtreme 21 inch spinner luggage piece, that is the perfect little travel companion, along with $100 Gift Card to World Market to shop before your next trip for snacks and accessories, AND both of my photography books (Say NO to Auto and Get Focused) to take fabulous pictures on your travel adventures. A $250+ value!

The BEST family travel luggage, so easy to transport and colorfully fun, too!

I teamed up with American Tourister in preparation for our trip, because I LOVED that there were so many fun color options with their luggage. Each of the 6 people in my family could have their OWN color! Jet setting across the globe, I knew we’d need to have a great carry-on piece of luggage, and this was the perfect fit for those over head compartments (lockers as they called them on British Airways).  At 21 inches, it’s the largest that is allowed as a carry on, but it can HOLD so much! My boys actually put all of their clothes for the entire 2 weeks in theirs, I had a bit more to pack. It would be perfect for me for a weekend getaway, though.  I put things like my camera and books and electronic chargers in mine that I didn’t want to check on.

Our family did a fun little photo shoot to show off our luggage before we left, my friend Kam snapped these for us.

Family travel suitcase carry on

Details I love about this bag!

  • handles on 3 sides so easy to flip up and grab from any position
  • can push or pull because of smooth spinner wheels
  • the zippers are the same color as the bag–it’s in the details!
  • so many fun colors to choose from
  • adjustable handle height
  • lots of pockets inside and out
  • super LIGHT! (7.5 pounds)
  • small enough for over head compartment

Family inexpensive light luggage

Here is an up close look

Cheap colorful light luggage

Our family wheeled all over 3 international airports, and my kids could handle their luggage all on their own (even my 6 year old). Here we are in action:

American Tourister luggage

And up the escalator shot:

Up the escalator in the airport

Logistics shot:

Traveling with kids

And, all of us…taking a rest!

Laying on the airport floor taking a rest

Look closely above, you can see the handles on the top and side, that make it easy to maneuver from all directions.

Perfect Family travel luggage for kids

American Tourister carry on luggage suitcase


Cheap travel luggage for family

TODAY I’ve got my favorite color–CHERRY to give away. It’s a hot pink bag, and the most gorgeous shade if you ask me. I’m also throwing in a $100 World Market gift card, and my photography books, a $250 value!

I’m doing this giveaway ALL BY MYSELF (I purchased the bag and giving my own gift card), so to enter, it’s just the option to follow me in 3 spots on social media, subscribe to my FREE weekly newsletter, and to PIN the main image above (it doesn’t mention the giveaway, just the luggage, so you don’t decrease your chances of winning).  Choose your favorite option, or ALL (if you are already following, makes it much easier!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you DON’T win, you can purchase your very own luggage on Amazon (in select colors), or straight from the American Tourister Website.

Happy Travels!

Family racing luggage, the best suitcase

Fun little tidbit. We took these pictures the hour RIGHT after my husband snapped these pictures of me and my girls for my birthday. He was less than thrilled for a second photo shoot of the night–ha ha!

Disclaimer: American Tourister sent me 6 iLite Xtreme 21″ Spinners for our travels and to review, but my love for them is 100% truth!

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